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World Music Road Trip

Road trips--love or hate ‘em. I happen to love them. And on this week’s World Music Show (7/28) we’re going to buckle up and take a two-hour joy ride.

About 14 years ago I drove across country from California to Richmond, Va--with my wife and 2 dogs and 2 cats. And when our collections of CDs started to bore us, we flipped on the radio and tried our best to find something unique. This week I’m making it easy for you to hear something unique and to get in the groove whilst driving. Sure, I said “whilst.” Blame my addiction of BBC Radio & TV programming. Regardless of my oddness with language, I love road trips--short or long.

Helping us head out of the metaphorical driveway will be some dessert blues, guitar-driven music from Bombino. He’ll be paired with Senegelese musician Baaba Maal and a band called Femm Nameless.

Crank it Up
You know on many road trips, you just want to crank the windows down, open the sunroof and feel the warm wind circulate through the car. But with all that wind sound, you need to crank up the volume. Well, here’s what we’ll hear while doing that.

Angelique Kidjo’s version of the Talking Heads “Houses in Motion.” Yes, this is on our road trip playlist for two reasons. One is the obvious one of the title. But the other is that her new album of Heads covers is just outstanding and should be turned up--loud.

Also in this category we’ll hear from the D.C. based Afrobeat band Chopteeth; some Tropical Discotheque dance music called Sofrito by El Timba; and some great percussion music from Lara Klaus of Ladama and some Two-Tone/Ska music from The English Beat, The Special AKA and The Selecter.

Contemplative Tracks
You know that feeling right? It may be dusk as you’re driving across a long stretch of deserted road. Or maybe the moon is full and chasing you. Either way, here’s a good chunk of musicians to guide you.

Some Brazilian Dream Pop by the artist Silva; some Tropix tunes by fellow Brazilian Ceu; Leni Stern’s expansive “Calabas;” and a few tracks from Paul Simon, Michael Franti and Spearhead; then some cuts from The Staves, Imelda May and UB40.

Silly Fun
Sometimes you need some silliness while you’re driving--just to keep you alert.

Nina Miranda’s “The Surfer,” is a good one for this--it’s fun but also just plain enjoyable. Cibo Matto’s “Know your Chicken” is fits this bill perfectly and Les Primitif’s du Futur’s “Eddie & Lonnie” will get your swinging with its Django-esque beats.

I hope you can join me for this week’s World Music Show. The car leaves at 8pm on Saturday nights right here via this website or via the radio airwaves at 93.1 & 107.3FM WCVE Music. You can get track listings here too. Follow the fun on Twitter @wcveworldmusic and on Facebook at The World Music Show on WCVE.