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Word to Your Mother

On this week’s World Music Show (5/12), I really don’t have anything planned for Mother’s Day. I just thought that the above headline was an eye catcher. But what I do have lined up could be of interest to any mothers out there, so I guess you can give a “word to your mother” about tuning in.

Part of that line up includes a mini exploration of the Tropicalia or Tropicalismo movement. This artistic event took place in Brazil back in the late 1960s. It was an explosion of art—from books and movies, to theater and music. It was a time in which the avant-garde met up with the popular culture. And it allowed many great musicians to come into their own.

We’ll hear from the greats, such as Caetano Veloso, Sergio Mendes, Astrud Gilberto and Tom Ze, who was/is a very unique musician. Ze ran under the radar even then, but later—thanks to some help from David Byrne’s Luaka Bop label—found a new audience and also gained some respect from his home turf.

Besides looking back to that decade, we’ll also see what the remnants of Tropicalia produced. From the breezy Brazilian pop of Mosquitos, to the experimental beats of Ceu, to even something dubbed Dream Pop by Silva, it’ll be a wonderful sound exploration.

Not to missed in the first hour will also be some new music from some great Brazilian heavyweights such as Domenico and Kassin. Normally, these two multi-instrumentalists/producers work in unison with Moreno Veloso in a realm they create called “+2.” When any one of them took the lead, the band would be called Domenico +2, or Kassin +2, etc. They put out some beautiful albums. Now, both are solo, and apparently the +2 are no longer, but both of their new works are just as good.

We’ll also hear new music from Brazilian Girls and Nina Miranda in that hour. And for hour two, we’ll continue the new music with a DJ named Nickodemus, who’s new album called “A Long Engagement,” culls together some beautiful world beats.

Last but not least in the new category, I just got the latest cd from the great Tuareg guitarist Bombino. His new CD, “Deran,” is another sweeping epic of desert blues guitar. With this album, I’ll be taking my time by playing it track for track each week.

Mixed into the rest of hour two will be some of my favorites by Antibalas, the Italian band CGS, Ondatropica, Ladama, Michael Franti and Spearhead and Paul Simon.

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