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Wash, Rinse, Repeat

What’s the phrase for washing your hair? Rinse, wash, repeat? I don’t know. My hair is on a permanent vacation. But the gist of this opening is that on this week’s World Music Show (12/1), we’re going to have a little bit of a repeat.

This is not something I normally do. In fact, I think in the 11-plus year history of the show, I’ve maybe done this once. So what makes the first hour of this week’s show so special? Well, it’s a repeat of last week’s first hour because due to a digital uploading error, the show was completely wonky. We’re talking snippets of music and my voice on a constant loop.

So, yes, the show is pre-taped.

 When this happened, I rushed to the studio, with some CDs in hand and salvaged what I could of the first hour. Then made sure that hour two was good to go. This was not an ideal situation of course. And to make matters worse, at least for me, was that last week’s first hour was a fun hour that I was excited to share. I had also hyped it up quite a bit on social media.

Which is why this week’s first hour is last week’s first hour. Forgive any Thanksgiving puns or jokes you may hear. If you want the full rundown of what that first hour was about, then just arrow on back to the list of my blogs and read on. However, the basic concept was that whenever you hear the fourth track on an album, it’s supposed to be a good window into what the whole album is about. It’s from a quote that Elvis Costello said on World Cafe, roughly. It was a fun experiment.

 Now, the second hour of this week’s show is brand new. And the theme for this one is hear local, act global. Or something of that nature. It’s just a way to highlight the great local world music scene we have here in the RVA area, as well as a wide swatch of land just beyond.

From our little big town, we’ll hear from Afro Zen Allstars, Mighty Joshua and Hector Coco Barez. Plus, they’ll be a few connections between some bands, since many local musicians play in a few bands.

Take Hector Coco Barez. He’s a percussionist who put out a great CD called El Laberinto del Coco recently. But he also plays with the big, Salsa-funk band Bio Ritmo. And he’s also played with the trio Miramar. Two members of Miramar are also in Bio Ritmo. The third member, Laura Ann Singh, also plays in Laura Ann & Quarto Na Bossa. It’s a big happy band of great musicians.

Also on the local bill will be electronic master Brian Beggs, who’s stage name/band is Pitbullsonacid. Then from the outer reaches of RVA, we’ll hear from D.C.’s Chopteeth and North Carolina’s Diwali Cissokho.

 Mixed into the rest of the show will be a track from Sergio Mendes and the Black Eyed Peas and the jam band Gov’t Mule, who play a song with Toots Hibbert. Oh, and The Police will be in there too.

Hope you can forgive the mistake from last week and I hope you can check out the World Music Show on WCVE Music, 93.1 & 107.3FM or streamed online via this website. Get track listings here too. Follow me on Twitter @wcveworldmusic and on Facebook at The World Music Show on WCVE.