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Time to Unwrap Some New World Beats

And if that weren’t enough to get excited about, I’ve also selected some choice nuggets of musical wonderfulness that will be sprinkled throughout the two hours like a dusting of frosting.

If we want to start with the newest-and I mean the newest-then the best artist to start with would be Ecuadorian/New Yorker rocker, singer-songwriter and social activist Eljuri. Known for her blazing guitar work, she’s becoming a voice in the resistant/artist movement. Eljuri is not one to shy away from singing about societal ills like in her song “Bang Bang.” But her songs and style isn’t shoved down your throat. Instead, you’re swept in like you’re one of the crowd at one of the protests she’s playing for.

Working with long-time Reggae production giants Sly & Robbie, her new album called “Resiste” is a mix or remix of some of her past tracks, like “Bang Bang,” or one of my favorites “Empuja” done with a Reggae vibe. But even though the beats of these picks are different, the messages of resistance and fighting for rights is still front and center. We’ll check out the title track “Resiste.”

Also on the new-new list is the Austin band Grupo Fantasma. This band has been playing for close to 20 years. Their new CD is called “American Music, Vol VII” and it’s full of great tracks in the Latin/Funk/Alt-Counrty-esque vein.

Piggybacking on them will be another new track from the Chilean-French musician and Latin superstar Ana Tijoux--another great musician who often sings about what’s going on in society.

Mixed throughout the rest of the show we’ll check out new music from a British band called Cassia, whose new CD “Replica,” reminds me of Vampire Weekend or an XTC offshoot, which means I love them and can’t wait to play more. And we’ll check out an Italian band called Pinhdar and another cover tune by the Icelandic musician Hafdis Huld, who does a sweet version of the Loudon Wainwright III “The Swimming Song,” which I played to give a nod to all the Olympic swimmers who were in RVA this past week for the TYR Swim Series at SwimRVA.

Lastly in the new category is a new release from the Putumayo label. If you’re unsure of where to dip your toes into the World Music pool, compilations like the ones Putumayo throws together are a great place to start (as are ones by Six Degrees, Luaka Bop and Nacional). The folks at Putumayo have dropped “Acoustic Women” CD and it’s filled with some really beautiful tracks from all over the globe. Off of this, we’ll hear from the Brazilian singer Fernanda Cunha and the Spanish/Mediterranean singer Buika. Plus, just for kicks, I’m also throwing in the band Elle & Elles, who are from French-Caribbean island of Martinique.

Weaved in and out of the two hours will be some really great music, including a few songs from Michael Franti and Spearhead; a beautiful duet with Dawn Landes and Piers Faccini; a haunting ballad by Juana Molina; and some upbeat tracks from Meklit, Midival Punditz, Ladama and Salif Keita, who partners with Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

Of course, some other tunes will still dot the line-up too, but you’ll have to just discover those on your own.

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