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Time to Time Travel! Who's With Me?

There are times in which I feel like time traveling. As of late, these seems to happen quite a bit. However, since I’m no Dr. Who, I can do this musically at the drop of a needle (or in this case, hit the play button). On this week’s World Music Show (11/10) we’ll time travel to the Brazil, circa late 60s and early 1970s.

In this realm that we’ll hear some Samba Soul music that got its start by musicians checking out what the U.S. was doing. Many musicians saw the power of people such as Martin Luther King and Muhammad Ali and decided that it was time to create their own Black Power Movement. They created their own Afro-Americano-Brazilian hybrid brand of beats.

Out of this movement came musicians such as Elza Soares, Jorge Ben and Gilberto Gil. However, we’ll go a bit deeper into this movement to hear from Bebeto, Wilson Simonal and Orlandivo.

And if fuzzy guitar sounds are your thing, then I’ll play a trifecta of tunes from the late 60s known as Fuzz Bananas--think heavy amplifications or cranked up guitars. Off a CD called Fuzz Bananas/Brazilian Guitar, we’ll hear from a rare band who formed out the country called Loyce E Os Gnomes, and a guy dubbed Fabio and a band who started out by playing surf music called The Youngsters. They’ll cover the Beatles “I Wanna Be Your Man,” which Ringo Starr sang on.

From the past, we’ll head back (reluctantly) to the future. But we’ll still hang out in Brazil because, it sounds better. In a good chunk of music we’ll hear from Barro, Andre Sampaio, and a band named Jotaerre who tackle a Dutch sound by highlighting when the Dutch took over parts of Bahia.

And we’ll also hear from a really great new Brazilian rock band called Fantomaticos. They have a new single out called “Andar,” and it’s really great. Plus, we’ll also hear another new cut from the latest CD by master musician/producer Domenico Lancellotti. And we’ll hop in a drum circle to hear some Timbalada music and head to Pernambuco to hear from Otto who love “Bob.”

For the second hour our time travels are over for now, but we will investigate The Democratic Circus via the Talking Heads who also play a song called “Ruby Dear,” off one of my favorite albums Naked.

To get a melodic groove going we’ll hear some beautiful guitar work from Oliver Mtukudzi. Then we’ll get funky with a track from the late Janka Nabay & the Bubu Gang. Following that, we’ll get moody with Argentinian singer/songwriter Juana Molina.

The second hour will also see new music from Marta Gomez’s new children’s CD and it will also see a “Human Animal” track from Meklit. And we’ll take in the “Whole of London” with the help of Nina Miranda.

Also in the future, we’ll re-listen to my favorite Cafe Tacvba song “Futuro” because it’s just that good. Not to missed as well will be tracks from Ana Tijoux, Cornershop, and a musician named Samite who teaches us about “Space.”

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