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Time is of the Essence (and other cliches)

It’s a cliche but time is fleeting. And it’s fleeting right out the door more so right now because it’s the holiday time, which makes everything speed up like you’re The Flash running around in the Speed Force (*yes, I’m a geek).

On this week’s World Music Show (12/8), we’ll try to slow it down a bit by checking out some Beatle music. And by that I mean we’ll hear from artists who have covered some Beatle tunes. And we’ll also hear from the them as well--some alternate takes you may not have heard before.

Those Beatle covers will come from Youssou N’Dour, Caetano Veloso, and Cornershop. Plus, I’ll spin some really nice Reggae covers by Marshall Williams and Ken Lazarus. As for the tunes from the Beatles, well, you’ll have to tune in.

As usual, I’ll also feature some new music and some “new-to-me” music. For the later, that’ll be from Alex Cuba--though I’ll also play a new song of his too. You know, in order to balance it out.

I’ll also play new tracks from Malou Beauvoir, who channels the voodoo spirits from her native Haiti while giving much love and respect to victims of past hurricanes as well as to those persecuted because of their sexuality, race or beliefs.

A two-fer from Dawn Landes and Piers Faccini is another highlight this week. They did an album together (on Faccini’s own label called Beating Drum) called Desert Songs and it’s remarkably beautiful. Both light to the ear but full of depth and melody. Their voices pair so well together that you’d think they’d been singing together for years.

Then tossed around the show will be tracks from a few of my favorites, like two from General Public (aka Dave Wakling and Ranking Roger of the English Beat,) Cibo Matto, Matsuki Ayumu, Dayme Arocena and Kiran Ahluwalia.

Plus, I’ll be playing a great song called “Giraflor” by percussionist Lara Klaus, who you may know as part of the amazing Ladama Project--the all female band of Latin musicians who not only play great music, but do incredible community outreach events at many of their shows.

I’m sure I’m missing a few folks--oh, there’s also Angelique Kidjo, Kassin and Andre Sampaio to listen for too.

There, that should do it. I’ve got to run home now and watch a holiday movie with the family. Be sure to tune into the World Music Show Saturday at 8pm on WCVE Music 93.1 & 107.3 FM or stream it online via this website, where, if you’re lucky, you’ll see live streaming tracklisting too. Follow me on Twitter @wcveworldmusic and on Facebook at the World Music Show on WCVE.