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Smell the Freshness Radioland

The good news about this week’s World Music Show (3/24) is that you and I will get to unwrap a basketful of new music. The bad news is that only I can smell the freshness.

Ok, sure, maybe ripping off the annoying plastic from new CDs isn’t up your alley of fun. But, I always feel like a kid on Christmas morning when I get to unwrap new music. Ironically this same feeling even extends to when I get to download digital music. Sure, I know digital tunes don’t have the same appeal as the CD does. And, really, I miss unwrapping new albums as opposed to CDs, but that’s another story.

Now, about that freshness.

First up is a new CD by the Venezuelan born but Toronto-based artist Eliana Cuevas. I’ve never played her before, so I was excited to come across her music. This is her fifth record, called “Golpes y Flores.” Cuevas says it’s a love letter to her native Venezuela. She said that she wanted to showcase the Venezuelan-Afro traditions she grew up with. Off of that, we’ll hear “Alegria.”

Another new one isn’t new persee, but it’s new to me. It’s from Senegal’s Cheikh Lo, who just released an updated album from a storied cassette of music he worked on 20 years ago with the help of Youssou N’Dour. Some of the styles he blends are Wolof, Mande and Congolese. From that, we’ll check the new single “Bamba Sunu Goorgui.”

 So much newness, so little time.

Also in the first hour we’ll check out a new song and a “new to me” artist, Brenda Navarrette. She’ll do a track called “Rumbero Como Yo.” And, wedged in here too will be another new cut from a CD by Cuban duo Sergio & Yosan called “Cafe con Besos.”

Plus, hot off the presses will be new songs by the Brazilian Girls, which only features one girl, but that’s ok. They just released a single from their long-awaited new CD called “Let’s Make Love,” which will come out next month. It’s been 10 years since their last outing--what’s it with the 10 year mark? So many bands are doing this--either way, people are excited. We’ll hear the new single called “Pirates.”

Rounding out the first chunk of new music will be one my favorites by the Ethiopian born/San Francisco singer Meklit called “I Want to Sing for them All.” I think you’ll love this song as much as I do. I’ll follow her with a new artist Moira Smiley and her track “Rotary Phone,” so you know it’s a classic.

 Also we’ll check out a track from local Puerto Rican percussionist Hector Coco Barez, who is with Bio Ritmo and Miramar, called “El Laberinto Del Coco.” He has a whole solo album of some great stuff out.

For the second hour, we’ll continue the theme of new music with tracks off of Femi Kuti’s new CD called “One People One World.” On this new outing by the Afrobeat sax player and singer, Kuti mixes both the standard powerful political tracks with some uplifting ones. But, we’ll hear one of the more politically charged tracks, which is “Corruption Na Stealing.”

Also in hour two, besides the new music theme, we’ll dive into a bunch of great Afrobeat music. We’ll hear “Gold Rush” by the Brooklyn based Afrobeat band Antibalas, who model themselves on Fela Kuti’s music, one of the founders of Afrobeat. And we’ll also hear from another New York band, Kokolo Afrobeat Orchestra and another by The Atomic Bomb Band.

For some new Latin music, we’ll check out a band called Los Nasty. The band, who hail from Madrid Spain, were started by two brothers out of their grandfather’s garage. Their sound is Influenced by early psychedelia and punk - played fast and with a lo-fi feel.

 And we’ll check out the Cuban band Orquesta Akokán. Akokán is a Yoruba word used by Cubans to mean 'from the heart' or 'soul', and this new single "La Corbata Barata" has plenty of both. The musicians on this encompass some great performers who traveled from New York to Cuba to play with the masters.

Then winding up the lovefest of new music will be tracks from David Byrne’s brand new CD called “American Utopia,” called “Everyone’s Coming to my House.” If you can, go check out when he did this on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. It’s fantastic. He’s also on tour right now. I’m trying to get the whole album by the way, but he doesn’t answer my tweets...

Plus, just to keep going, we’ll also hear from a band called Thornato, who blend some Jamaican beats with those of Trinidad and Sierra Leone. And from an interesting band out of Liverpool called Ladytron.

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