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Short & Sweet & Very Neat

Welcome to another rousing short & sweet World Music Blog. For the week of 4/7, here’s what fun is in store for your ears.

New Music From:

Brenda Navarrete: She’s a Latin-Jazz, Afro-Latin singer/percussionist who’s new CD “Mi Mundo” is just outstanding.

The Turbans: This group hails from “Manywhere,” as in all over the place. However, their humble beginnings were made in the in the London music scene. It's members have gathered from countries such as Turkey, Bulgaria, Israel, Iran, Greece and England to perform in concerts and festivals around the UK, North America, Middle-East, Hong Kong, India and Europe. Their motto is: “We’ve created The Turbans, now you have to do is dance.”

Kiran Ahluwalia: She’s steeped in the vocal traditions of India and Pakistan. Her original compositions embody the essence of Indian music while embracing influences from Mali and Western blues, Rock, R & B and nuances of jazz. She’s got a 5-piece group with electric guitar, accordion, organ, tabla and drum kit. Born in India, raised in Canada and currently living in New York City, Ahluwalia has a new cd called 7 Billion out. I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I am.

Los Nastys: This a fun, energetic Spanish punk band. But don’t worry, there’s hardly any screaming, but there is plenty of angst and high driving beats.

Bombino: This legendary Tuareg, Malian, desert blues guitarist from Agadez, Niger has been compared to the greats--Hendrix, Farka Toure and the like. It’s well-deserved. He’s got a new single out and I was lucky enough to get it. I can’t wait to share it with you.



Other Highlights:

We’ll have a tribute to the musician Janka Nabay. He was a legendary musician and performer from Sierra Leone who tragically just passed away this week at the age of 53. He was a major figure in Bubu Music, a traditionally Temne music which is played by up to 20 musicians blowing into bamboo pipes of different sizes. For many years he lived in New York, but he couldn’t quite secure permanent living status and had to go back to his home country. You can read a really nice tribute to him from a NPR reporter here:

After all that, you’ll still get to hear some great music from the likes of: Monica da Silva, Forro in the Dark, Ziggy Marley, Meklit, Michael Franti & Spearhead, the Frightners and Ceu. But, of course, they are just the tip of the musical iceberg.

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