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A New Groove

I’m going to steal that CD title from the good folks at the Putumayo record label to tell the story of this week’s World Music Show (8/25). Because even though their CD is from way back in 2007; and even though I’ll be featuring some songs off it, the title fits nicely as the moniker for the show. As you can most likely guess, we’ll be going back in time a bit to hear some “new grooves,” but we’ll also be checking out some new, new grooves. So for me, it’s the best of many worlds.

For the new grooves, on the docket this week are tracks from some new bands that I haven’t played before. We’ll hear from Delgres. The trio is named after Louis Delgrès, a Creole officer in the French Army who died in Guadeloupe in 1802 fighting against Napoleon’s army, which had been sent to reinstate slavery in the French Caribbean. Based in Paris, this band mixes in Creole (in both lyrics and style) along with French Caribbean and beats from Guadeloupe. So even though they’re based on that officer from 1802, their sound is anything but old.

Paired with them will be some Kreole Rock and Soul. Don’t be alarmed with the misspelling. New Orleans based Sean Ardoin did that on purpose for his new release under the same title.

Also under the new groove umbrella will be a track from a Brazilian rock band called Fantomatcos; some kick-butt accordion music from Youssra El Hawary, who’ll be coming to town at the Modlin Center for the Arts soon with Center Stage; some dance-based protest music from the Latin musician Alex Anwandter, which matches nicely with the feminist track from Maya Jupiter and her song “Inshallah.”

Not to missed as a very new groove will be a song from the all female Mariachi band Reyna de Los Angeles. They’re breaking ground in the male-dominated world of Mariachi music. Apparently around L.A. they regularly show up at flash mobs to play. We’ll hear “El Pitayero (the Pitaya Cutter).” Pitaya is dragon fruit.

Also not to missed will be a song from a 1970s folk icon who has a new CD out in which he dips into his favorite R & B tracks and sounds he loved when he was coming up on the scene in London back in the 60s. Who is it? Well, you’ll have to tune in to find out.

Now, under the classic new grooves, we’ll head to these places in Africa: Kinshasa, Dakar and Ghana. And even though all three of these bands are from the same continent, their sounds couldn’t be more different. Respectively we’ll hear from Mbongwana Star, Orchestra Baobab and The Sweet Talks. I should’ve added the deserts of Mali, since we’ll also hear from the great guitar-driven blues band Tinariwen.

As for that actual Putumayo album? Off of that, we’ll hear some now classic grooves from Denmark’s Emo, the UK’s Alice Russell, Germany’s Radio Citizen and Sweden’s Linn & Freddie. That’s not the only Putumayo collection we’ll be grabbing songs off of. I’ll also play some tracks from their Music from the Wine Lands--with the bands 2raumwohnung; and Italy’s Gianmaria Testa (who was also a train station master).

Sure, they’ll be other songs that’ll you’ll enjoy too, but you’ll have to dial up the show. The World Music Show airs Saturday night from 8-10pm on WCVE Music, 93.1 & 107.3FM and online via this site. Follow the show on Twitter @wcveworldmusic and on Facebook at The World Music Show.