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Musical Twists & Turns

When you think of the desert, what comes to mind? Well, sure sand--lots of it, right? But what about in terms of music? If you’re a regular listener to the World Music Show, then you could answer desert blues guitar driven music. But in the same breath, if you do listen to the show, then you may also know that at times, I love to throw in musical twists whenever possible.

And it’s with that caveat that on this week’s show (3/3), that norm of desert blues music will get turned on its head.

The band Imarhan, who hail from the Northern regions of Mali, have a new CD out--their second--called Temet. And on it, they diverge from said desert blues music and instead add in elements of funk, fuzzy rock, and even disco. It’s a nice take on this genre and Imarhan do it in a way that’s not kitsch or campy or even odd. I think you’ll enjoy the two tracks we’ll hear off this new CD.

Playing in the same sandbox, so to speak, will be some new music from a variety of bands and musicians. We’ll check out new music from a Cuban duo called Sergio & Yosan, who sent me their very inspirational and unique blend of music, which combines guitar and voice in a very cool way.

Plus, in a chunk of music I’m dubbing “eclectic,” we’ll hear a new song from a musician called Fyahbwoy who’s new single “Mi Codigo,” is really upbeat and interesting--his voice is very distinct too. Also featured in this set will be tracks from Brazil’s Tom Ze, Latin Playboys and a new artist Natalia Clavier, who’s song “Nectar,” is a slow moving but hipnotic song that would fit perfectly in a David Lynch movie.

Speaking of “dub” they’ll also be a set of tunes I’m calling “Dub light,” because these cuts aren’t the typical “Dub” music--you know, heavy reverb, turned up bass songs of the great Lee “Scratch” Perry. Instead, the artists use Dub elements. We’ll hear from Michael Franti and Spearhead, as well as a tune from The Clash, who often used dub, Reggae and even Ska beats in their Punk music.

Then, speaking of Punk (see how my mind works?), we’ll hear a Punk and Heavy Metal influenced song from the Oakland, CA based Cumbia band La Misa Negra.

Newness isn’t lost on the first hour. In hour two, we’ll start off with a brand new song from the yet-to-be-released CD from the Brazilian Girls. Their song “Pirates,” is out well in advance of their new CD called Let’s Make Love. It’s been about ten years since their last release and many in the music world are quite excited about this.

Also new for hour two will a brand new song from Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra--this multi-ensemble lovers of Ska music based in Japan just keep putting out some really great music.

Not so new, but still fresh and new to me is a song by the fantastic Ethiopian born artist Meklit. While scrolling through Twitter one day, the Apollo Theater posted a video of hers to celebrate her upcoming appearance. It’s of a song called “I Want to Sing for Them All.” I had never seen the video before, and when I did--all I can say is WOW! I absolutely love this song. And, it’s new to me because even though it’s on her stellar CD When the People Move the Music Moves Too, It wasn’t on my copy. So Meklit sent it to me, along with the video below. I love how she gives nods to some of the musicians who have influenced her.

Now before we depart, just know that of course there is more music on the show than what I’ve listed, like tracks from Ladama, Gaby Moreno, Ursula 1000 and even a great newish song from Monica Da Silva (of Complicated Animals). And that’s not all, so you’ll have to tune in.

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