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The Mailbag is Open!

On this week’s World Music Show (10/20) I’m opening up the proverbial mailbag in order to highlight some of the new music I’ve been getting. And after reviewing the depth of stuff that’s come in, I can say that you’re in for a treat.

Some of the highlights include:\

The band Appalatin. It’s a band that mixes Appalation and Latin music. Yes, you read that correctly. We’ll hear from the band Appalatin. Members Yani Vozos, who grew up in Eastern Kentucky, and Marlon Obando, who originally hails from Nicaragua, both regularly bring songs to the band. They mix in bluegrass and folk-rock with Latin party music.  The funny thing: though they write lyrics in their native languages, English and Spanish respectively, they write about the same subjects. “We’ll often use the exact same words, just in a different language,” says Vozos.

Álex Anwandter. He’s a Chilean singer-songwriter, musician, and film and music video director. He became popular as the vocalist for the band Teleradio Donoso. In 2010, he began work as a soloist. He is a vegetarian. Alex has two nominations for the Latin Grammy for Best New Artist and Best Short Form Music Video. His new album “Latinoamericana” just came out and is fantastic. He also just appeared on NPR's alt.Latino as having one of the songs they're listening to now. 

About his new project, Anwandter says: “Latinoamericana is a song cycle exploring gender, sexuality and Latinx identity in dark times – where, it has become apparent, the arc of the moral universe does not seem to bend towards justice. This music is perhaps the most mature I’ve written, but still leaves room for bursts of energy like the lead single, “Locura."

And he goes on:

“Locura” is an upbeat and danceable lament about madness in a “world going to shit." It refuses to align with masculine aggressiveness, however, by singing the song as a woman. As with the rest of the album, it was written, performed, and mixed by myself.”

Newpoli draws on Southern Italy’s deep traditions and trans-Mediterranean connections to humanize migrants on their new CD “Mediterraneo.” Immigrants and their plight are at the heart of “Mediterraneo.”  The theme is weaved in regards to the fates of the people who moved around the Mediterranean, from North Africa and Greece to Italy and the Levant. These movements live on in today’s struggles and crises, as people seek new homes in the face of conflict and chaos, coming to southern Italy for refuge or fleeing the region in hopes of economic stability.

Other new music include tracks from: Marta Gomez, The Seshan, Quantic, Andre Abujamara and Te’Amir. Also not to be missed is the song “Sugarface” by the man and the band Fjorka.

This band are impossible to pigeon hole with their unique blend of Alt Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Prog, Electronica and pretty much everything in between. Fjokra is a multi-instrumentalist hailing from Dublin, Ireland. While he creates and records his music from his London base, he is joined on stage by Annie Bea (vocalist, percussionist) Jack Richardson (guitarist) and Filippo Galli (drummer) customized percussion and lots of elements that would not normally appear on stage with your average band.

The band has gained a reputation for exhibiting bizarre and eclectic live performances and unique videos.Fjokra started playing the piano at the age of 3. His mother played the church organ every Sunday in the local village church - which remains to this day his favourite instrument. In complete juxtaposition to his Mother's influence, Fjokra's father was in a number of 70's rock bands, supporting artists like Suzi Quatro (google her!)

Lastly, we’ll salute musicians such as Paul Simon (who just wrapped it all up), David Byrne (because it’s been a while) and Mighty Joshua (because he just did a live show in Richmond that saluted the late Peter Tosh--so expect to hear a Peter Tosh tune too).

Of course, there’s plenty more music to be had in these two hours. Tune into the World Music Show Saturday at 8pm on WCVE Music, 93.1 and 107.3FM or stream the show via this site and check track listings here too. Follow me on Twitter @wcveworldmusic and on Facebook at The World Music Show on WCVE.