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Life is Like a Box of...

As the now infamous line from the film “Forrest Gump,” goes: “ was like a box of chocolates, you never now what you’re going to get.” Well, on this week’s World Music Show (11/11), we could use that well worn adage to convey that we may not now what we’re going to hear.

Well, ok, I do know exactly what we’ll hear—but it’s nice to play along. It all means that on the show this week we’re going to not concentrate on one particular theme, but instead we’ll mix it up—like a box of chocolates. So think of it as a musical box of chocolates, some filled with gooey nougat, some with caramel, while a few that will hopefully be no stinkers.

One of the bright spots in this week’s box o’ fun, will be a few tracks from the all female Latin group Ladama. This band, filled with a range of women from all over Latin America, address gender inequality in music, arts and education. They’re on tour right now doing just this—by bringing outreach programs to their shows that highly encourage those attending to participate. They’ve also played Mountain Stage among other places. Their songs are sung in a mix of Spanish, English and Portuguese, while their beats range in styles form Cumbia, Coco and Maracatu.

From their self-titled debut CD called the Ladama Project, check out this cool video of their song “Pajarillo.”

Mixed into the first hour with them will be tracks from other Latin bands, including some Cumbia music from Chico Trujillo and a new song from the Oakland, Ca band La Misa Negra, who like the previously mentioned band, have some Punk and Heavy Metal influences in their music.

Plus, thrown in elsewhere into hour will be new music from Banda Magda, Ceci Bastida and La Vida Boheme, who are also on tour right now.

Hitting the shuffle button in this hour will also bring some a mix of Cuban-Afro music from the long running band Orchestra Baobab, who are Senegalese Afro-Cuban, Son, Wolof and Pachanga band. Organized in 1970 as a multi-ethnic, multi-national club band, Orchestre Baobab adapted the then current craze for Cuban music and played in a hotel called Hotel Baobab. One of their famed members was Youssou N’Dour. We’ll hear a track off their latest CD, which was dedicated to one of its members who had passed away.

In that same set, we’ll check out a variety of styles, including some from Piers Faccini, Imelda May and a big band sound from The Atomic Bomb Band, who are a cover band playing the Afrobeat music of William Oneybear.

For the second hour, we’ll continue unwrapping the box of musical chocolates, which with the first set, will live up to that Gump quote. We’ll hear some French music from Aquaserge, who like their name implies, play a style reminiscent of French icon Serge Gainsbourg. We’ll follow that with music from Alsarah & the Nubatones, then a track from the Portuguese/Fado singer Lula Pena. And we’ll end with some new Dub music from the legend Lee “Scratch” Perry, who was one of the founders of this style of Jamaican music.

In another random act of musical kindness, we’ll throw down some beats from Nouvelle Vague, Cornershop, Pizzicato Five (who both sing songs featuring Hippies), and the reggae band Sojo, who partner up with Michael Franti.

Then, it’s off to more music out of Africa, with tracks from I Speak Fula (Bassekou Koyate & Ngoni Ba), Kokolo and Kokono No. 1 who have mastered playing the Kalimba or thumb piano.

As for the rest of the tunes, you’ll have to tune into the World Music Show, Saturday beginning at 8pm on 88.9 WCVE/ Richmond Public Radio. Follow updates about World Music things on Twitter @wcveworldmusic and on Facebook at The World Music Show on WCVE. Plus, come back to this blog when the show airs to live stream it and see live, streaming track listings.