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Let Them Eat Cake!

There’s one thing I know about the month of August—and it’s that those who’s birthdays fall in this month—like a tad bit of attention. Now, I know I’m stereotyping the Leo a bit, but it’s ok because Hello, my name is Ian, and I am Leo. Sure, I may be adding to this profile by declaring publicly or blog-icaly, that it is my birthday month too. But I do this bearing gifts.

You see, on this week’s World Music Show (8/12), the gift I’m giving is the gift of some really great music. I’m a giver, sure, but it’s a double-edged ribbon, since I too benefit from this gift, since all the music I’ve lined up is some of my favorite tunes from around the globe and from various decades.  So, let’s get unwrapping.

In the first hour, here’s some of what to expect.

Brazilian Music!
I’ll be playing a bunch of my favorites from bands like Forro in the Dark (who are playing a Brasil Summerfest in Brooklyn this week!), a few selections off the great compilation Red Hot + Rio 2, including Seu Jorge & Beck, Forro in the Dark, Brazilian Girls and Angelique Kidjo; and Tom Ze with the band Javelin.

Latin Music!
Since we just celebrated the wonderfullness that are Latin Female singers, I’ll only take a brief dip into some of my favorite Latin bands. We’ll hear two from Cafe Tacvba (including the great song “Futuro”), and another off of their CD Sino. Then we’ll also hear a great track called “Mustard” from the side project band called Latin Playboys. They were four guys—two from Los Lobos, along with Mitchell Froom and Tchad Blake.

Throwback 80s/90s Music that you may not think of as World Music!
Since it is my birthday show, I’m going to be throwing in a bunch of tracks from personal library (sounds official, right?). This will include some Ska music from The English Beat (who are on an 80s tour right now), some Dub music from The Clash; a David Byrne & Talking Heads song; and some fun forays into world beat by XTC and Seal (covering “Lips like Sugar” originally done by Echo & the Bunnyman). And, just for kicks an Elvis Costello/Jimmy Cliff number from a bad movie. And this song, “I Could be Happy,” could fall under here (since it was done originally in 80s by Altered Images) but the version we’ll hear will be from Nouvelle Vague.

Reggae/Mento Music!
Sure, I could’ve lumped this into the throwback selection, but they deserve their own nod. We’ll check out a Michael Franti & Spearhead track, along with a great song by Jimmy Cliff, followed by Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers and rounded out by some Mento music (Marumba Box/Dancehall music) by the Jolly Boys (covering an Iggy Pop song).

The Kitchen Sink!
Defying no category or because it’s only a couple of songs, we’ll also hear an updated remix from Cornershop; a rough cut of the Beatles “Norwegian Wood,” and a remix of a classic Bollywood song by Asha Bhosle. Plus, I’m throwing in a trifecta of songs from Paul, as in Paul Simon and Paul McCartney. Lest I forget, you’ll also hear tracks from We Are Enfant Terrible, Mbongwana Star and some Icelandic mood music from MC Bjor.

  Now, let’s all go get a beverage and eat some cake! The World Music Show airs Saturday night from 8:00-10:00 p.m. on 88.9 WCVE/Richmond Public Radio. Follow the fun on Twitter @wcveworldmusic and on Facebook at The World Music Show on WCVE. Plus, stream the show via this website and check out the playlist too.