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Head in the Sand

Ah vacation. What a great time to tune out, or tune in perhaps. On this week’s World Music Show (8/18), I’m continuing my thread from last week of vacation-tinged report. But this edition won’t be filled with beach-beats or wave-inspired tunes. On the other hand, it’ll be crafted with some great Latin tunes of from many corners of this huge genre. And it’ll be dotted with some gems of Afrobeat, some Dutch music and some classic Ska.

Now if you want to dig your head in the sand to get a better sense of what I’ll be playing, then get your shovel ready.

Hour one will be covered with those Latin tunes. Like the term “World Music,” Latin music has grown well beyond its borders of just Mariachi or soulful guitar ballads. It encompasses everything from the traditional folk to rap, to alternative. I’ll be digging down just a bit to explore some of the sub genres.


The Afro-Cuban All Stars, Banda Magda and Eliana Cuevas will kick off the first set. All three are different in style, from the obvious West African inspired beats in the All Stars, to the alternative sounds of Banda to the soulful Eliana Cuevas.

From there, we’ll travel to Bogota, Columbia to hear from Ondatropica, then to Brazil to hear the lovely voice of Dom La Niña, then to Mexico to hear from the Venezuelan band La Vida Boheme. Plus we’ll hear more alternative music from the inventive Argentinian musician Juana Molina.

Rounding out the Latin in the hour will be tunes from Monoplasma, Cafe Tacvba, Sergio Mendes & Will.i.am and the band of Ex-Brazilian pats Forro in the Dark. We’ll then dig into some Afro-Celt Sound System, some classic French music from Eileen and an Irish ballad from Imelda May.

For the second hour, we’ll get our heads out of the sand but dig our feet in to hear from a variety of musicians.

Starting us off will be more from the great new CD by Angelique Kidjo in which she reimagines the Talking Heads “Remain in Light.” Thrown in that mix will be some Chicago Afrobeat Orchestra, featuring the legendary Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen and some classic Nigerian Highlife/Afro-Funk music by Zeal Onyia & His Music.

Listen: at this point in the blog, I must say that I’m already tuckered out. I’m actually on vacation. But I wanted to still do a fresh show and let you know what’s coming up. So if it’s ok with you, here’s a quick rundown of what will be heard.


We’ll hear some Rock n’ Roll by the Dutch band called Seedling; some covers by El Tri (of the Creedence Clearwater song “Proud Mary), and a cover of Altered Images “I Could be Happy.”

Plus, I’ll throw in some powerful music by Meklit, RAM 7, Diamente Electrico and some Creole Rock n’ Roll by Sean Ardoin. For kicks, I’m including some classic Ska by Eric Donaldson and The Paragons, whose songs were later covered by Blondie and UB40.

Phew! I need another vacation. Tune into the World Music Show Saturdays at 8pm on WCVE Music, 93.1 & 107.3FM or stream the show via this site. During the show, you can see live streaming track listings. For kicks, follow me on Twitter @wcveworldmusic and on Facebook at The World Music Show on WCVE.