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Fever Pitch

I got a fever! And sadly I’m not talking about the epic Christopher Walken skit on SNL. I’m talking about the World Cup. Though, an image of Christopher Walken playing defender for Germany would be a great image or meme to see. And sadly too, because of the time difference and life itself, I can only catch quick score updates on the FIFA app. So, yes, I’m a bad fan.

But what does my poor fandom have to do with this week’s World Music Show (6/30)? Glad you asked. It’s the perfect opportunity to highlight some of the countries competing for the Cup! This means that we’ll get to kick the musical football (yes, it’s football!) around the globe and check out some of the great offerings. Plus, if you wish, you can slap on some face paint for your favorite country or band.

In our first half of the match we’ll hear some tunes out of Columbia, namely from Los 50 de Joselito and La Sonora Dinamita. Both of these bands mix classic Cumbia and salsa sounds from this beautiful country. This will mix nicely with some Carnival music out of Cuba & Cameroon by Cuarteto Patria. This band, which features guest musician Manu Dibango (hence the Cameroon connection) not only cover a couple of our countries in our World Cup theme but they also eschew the roots of some great salsa music.

Playing forward in this first hour will be the late Malian musician Issa Bagayogo. Mali no longer has a national football team since FIFA kicked them out a few years ago. I should’ve checked this out before putting together my list, but either way, hearing Bagayogo is a win for everyone.

Playing wingman is a new hire. Jupiter Bokondji. This player hails from the ghettos of Kinshasha and with his band Okwess, he is sure to thrill.

Filling in other positions on the pitch are Turkish player Bendeniz, the band Paris Combo and some heavy footers from Brazil, namely Lazzo and Gilson Nascimento. They’ll be playing goalies. Rounding out the bench is team Cafe Tacbva.

For the second half of the match (is the score 0-0 still?) we’ll check out some new players. Spanish flamenco singer Elena Andujar has been sharing her flamenco talents in clubs for sometime. She’ll take over as forward for the game. Riding wing will be this great duo called 47 Soul. These players are the epitome of the World Cup in that they come from two very different backgrounds. One is from Palestine the other from Jordan, which as you know, could have caused a ton of strife just meeting. But instead they put together some really inspirational music, using some homegrown beats as well as some electronic ones.

On the back end protecting that goal will be a one man show who goes by Chancha Via Circuito. He is adept at taking classic sounds from his home country of Buenos Aires, like the Andean flute, and mixing them into some updated beats.

Not to be outdone is our underdog player from Iceland. Bjork will thrill everyone not only with her deft moves, but with her very interesting uniform. Paired with her is another powerhouse. Angelique Kidjo is our goalie in this half because she has the chops to knock any ball that comes her way. We’re still playing our way through her great full-album cover of the Talking Heads “Remain in Light.”

Getting off the bench to finish up the match will be England’s The Staves, Ireland’s The Pogues, German rapper CRO and the Dutch band Bettie Serveert.

Now if you aren’t a World Cup fan, don’t worry. This week’s show will not be too full of World Cup puns. I say “too full.” Either way, it’ll be a good match. Tune in this Saturday for the kick off at 8:00 p.m. You can stream the show via this website or by tuning into 93.1 or 107.3 WCVE Music. Get track listings live when the show airs or check out past shows and blogs too. Join the conversation on Twitter @wcveworldmusic and on Facebook at The World Music Show on WCVE.