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Don’t Hide Under These Covers

Sometimes we all want to hide under the covers. For various reasons, such as the weather, the news, or the recent holiday feasting, we’ve all contemplated or even done just that. However, on this week’s World Music Show (11/25), there’ll be no need to hide.

Because if you haven’t figured out my oh-so-(not)-clever word play, these covers are of the World Music variety. This event is more than an annual tradition. In fact, it’s become something of a great way to soak up all that is good with the world, since who doesn’t like to hear alternate versions of some very well-loved Pop/Rock songs? And if you fall on the opposite side of this spectrum, then I’m sorry to say that this week’s two-hour show will not suit you.

Flipping off the covers in the first hour will be covers of well-known musicians such as: Joni Mitchell, David Bowie, and Michael Jackson.

All of those examples feature their songs done with a Brazilian beat, or even some Brazilian folk, with some songs sung in Portuguese. In that first set, we’ll hear from Caetano Veloso (doing Joni’s “Dreamland”) Seu Jorge (doing a trifecta of songs—two from David Bowie and one from Michael Jackson). On the Michael Jackson track, Jorge partners with the band Almaz to do a really smooth cover of “Rock with You.”


Other great covers to look forward to in this hour will be ones originally done by Lou Reed, Phil Collins, Hall & Oates and Jimi Hendrix. Plus, off the same covers CD (by Putumayo), we’ll hear a fun cover of the Ray Charles hit “Hit the Road Jack,” done by Mo’ Horizons.

For much of the shows, we’ll dive into some really great 80s covers, from New Wave to Rock, to Alternative, we’ll hear versions done in Mento style, Mexican punk, and even French Nouvelle.

To whet your nostalgia appetite, the folks being covered are: Echo and the Bunnyman (Seal), Altered Images (Nouvelle Vague), The Eurhythmics (Diego Garcia), Blondie (Gaby Moreno), and the Human League (The Jolly Boys) and Morrissey (Mexerrissey). As for what songs are being covered, well, you’ll have to tune in.

In the Rock genre, we’ll hear world beat takes on songs first done by The Rolling Stones (The Jolly Boys and Playing for Change), Creedence Clearwater (Los Lobos), and U2 (Tony Allen). And, just a quick nod and salute to the lead singer of The Jolly Boys, Albert Minot, who I just read passed away back in June. 

In a grab-bag category, we’ll hear some fun versions of a Beatles song (done Reggae style), a Tito Puente classic done by Desi Arnaz and another classic song, “What New Pussycat,” done by Los Fabulous Cadillacs & Fishbone.

So, there you have it—all the reasons not to hide under the covers this weekend—unless that’s how you like to listen to my show. The World World Music Show is uncovered Saturday night at 8pm on 88.9 WCVE/Richmond Public Radio. Get live-streaming track listings on this website and stream to show too. Follow updates via Twitter @wcveworldmusic and on Facebook at The World Music Show on WCVE.