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Did You Say, Shuffle?

A shuffle here...a shuffle there...here a beat...there a beat, that's the theme for this week's World Music Show (1/16). In fact, you could call it a "What's on my IPod Show." From Brazilian and East African tracks to Indian sitar music and classic Ska, it'll be a mishmash of styles. And, if you really want remember this show, you should grab your cassette recorder and put the mic right next to your speakers and hit record, because the show is going to be that good.

Once I metaphorically plug in my iPod and hit shuffle, here are some of the sounds you'll be hearing. First up, we'll hear from artist Beethova Obas. He is a self-taught musician playing the guitar and accordion. Obas, who is from Haiti, was named after the composer, Beethoven, by his father. We'll hear the song "Rasanble." Also in the first set will be a track by the duo known as Undersea Poem, who are husband/guitarist Chris Root and wife, singer Juju Stalbuch. They used to be part of a trio known as Mosquitos--however, I need to amend that. According to Wikipedia, that band is still active, though, no album has been released in sometime. We'll hear their song "Makes me Happy." Also in here too will be the band Taffetas who'll do the song "Yay Balma."

After foreshadowing some of the sets, because I happen to know what my IPod will play, I can say that some of these earlier sets are a mix of Haitian and Brazilian styles. Well, in a strange turn of events, we'll hear another mixed up sort of set. We'll start it with more Brazilian music with the singer Ceu (pictured above), who's voice is like butter...meaning it's just so smooth. I'll follow that with the Malian guitarist Vieux Farka Toure doing a remix of his song "Cherie le Sabbo." Also in here too will be a song from the band Brownout as well as some sounds that coming from the Kamele n' Goni by Malian musician Issa Bagayogo, AKA Electric Issa, since he became famous for plugging that instrument in.

It's fun to spin the magical and mythical shuffle dial on my imaginary IPod. In a few other chunks of music, we'll check out some classic Ska/Reggae tunes by the English Beat and UB40. One of the UB40 songs, "Cherry Oh Baby," done by UB40, should not to be confused with the Neil Diamond song "Cherry Cherry," though, UB40 has covered Neil before, as in their hit, "Red, Red, Wine." You may remember that after the success of that song for UB40, Neil released a live version of that song off his Hot August Night II album in which he attempted to do a Reggae version of his song--and sadly, it fell flat, I think. But I digress.

Closing the first hour will be some pop/rock stars who have delved into the realm of World Music. Namely, we'll hear from Sting, not with The Police though, but solo, doing the song "Love is the Seventh Wave." Note the Caribbean beats in this...then remember that Sting, when with The Police, did many Reggae and Ska influenced songs, hence why the magic shuffle button will play it.

We'll also hear some Indian-sitar-influenced music from the Beatles doing an alternative take of their song "Norwegian Wood," which can be found on their Anthology series of CDs. Those are great CDs if you like to hear outtakes. Paired with them will be more Indian music from Karsh Kale, along with Anoushka Shankar, doing the song "Reprise." Now, they don't really fit that Pop/Rock star category I tried to do--since they're already world musicians. But, I like how they fit here--or rather, the IPod does. Also in this last set will a duet featuring Elvis Costello along with Jimmy Cliff doing the song "Seven Day Weekend," which can be found in the movie Club Paradise.

For hour two, we'll continue to hit the shuffle button on my imaginary IPod, which means this hour will be another mishmash of styles--hopefully, though they'll still be some type of continuity going on. Kicking off the top of the first set will be some Afrobeat music, which the style hails from West Africa. We'll check out a tune from the band Antibalas, doing the song "Government Magic." It'll be a long track--ten minutes, so sit back and enjoy! And, since that song is so long, I'll only attach one more song to that first set, and I'll even magically keep it under the Afrobeat umbrella. We'll hear the band Kokolo doing the song "Trouble Come Trouble Go."

So, in the last hour, we had some Pop/Rock stars dipping their toes into the world music pool.

Well, here's an offshoot of that theme. We'll check out both World Music and Pop stars doing some cover tunes of some well known songs. First up, it'll be a mini-tribute to Bob Dylan. Off a double disc CD of music culled together for an Amnesty International project, we'll hear the band Mariachi El Bronx, doing the song "Love Sick." I'll follow that with Ziggy Marley doing his acoustic version of "Blowin' in the Wind."

And as a partner in crime with the mini-theme of World Music covers, we'll hear from the group/organization known as Playing for Change covering Tracy Chapman's "Talk'n "bout a Revolution." And we'll also hear a couple of tribute songs to the French raconteur that was Serge Gainsbourg. From the band Faultline, we'll hear their version of "Requiem for a Jerk," preceded by James Iha and friends doing "The Ballad of Bonnie & Clyde." James, by the way, was in the band Smashing Pumpkins, in case you can't place him. And speaking of duets, which had earlier in the show, we'll hear from another duet or duo. From the CD My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, we'll hear from David Byrne and Brian Eno (who is not only a musician, but a very well known producer, having produced albums for David Bowie, U2 and Afrobeat musician Seun Kuti.

Speaking of Seun, we'll also hear a track from him called "Dead Prez." And, before the show closes, we'll hear from another duet--and another married one fact. The German band whose name translates into 2-Room Apartment, started off a songwriters/singers who did advertisements. We'll hear their song "Ich Weib Warum."

Now there may be more shuffled up songs on this week's show--I didn't cover them all. So, It'll be up to you to tune in. And, if you want extra brownie points, invite your friends to tune in as well. The World Music Show comes on Saturday nights at 8:00 p.m. on Richmond Public Radio, 88.9 WCVE. And you can stream the show online via this website, too. And, if you like Social Media, join the conversation via Facebook and Twitter @wcveworldmusic.