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Cliff Notes Version

Summer has barely began (not officially, I know), and already you may think that I’m throwing in the towel when it comes to lining up some good shows. You may think I’ve grown soft and lazy when coming up with themes. Whatever you think after hearing this week’s World Music Show (6/23), know this: I’m just a tad cramped for time.

So, you can consider this week’s show the Cliff Notes version of a regular World Music Show. Meaning, you’ll still get all the cool world beats, but as for heavy chatter between sets, I’ve limited my usual in-depth tidbits (though, there are some bits here and there).

This has nothing to do with the weather and everything to do with the time/space continuum. Well, really, it’s just that I wear many hats or headphones at WCVE. Besides doing this musical love letter to you, I also report and anchor the news and produce many behind the scenes things at the station—and I’m happy to do it all. However, this week, I’ve headed off the Philadelphia for a journalism conference. And instead of just having a rebroadcast of an early show from the past 11 seasons, I plowed through and slapped together a show. In the 11 seasons of doing the World Music Show, I’ve never missed a show or a blog. It’s a personal thing.

Now, enough of that. Here’s what you can expect. It’ll be a throw the dart at the musical world map kind of show. I’ve often called these the “Mixed Up” shows, or the “Shuffle the IPod” show. Whatever it’s called, it’s a fun way not go without a “theme,” which now that I’m looking at it, is also a theme.

Here’s the gist: Strings:
We’ll hear some beautiful string work from Ali Farka Toure and Toumani Diabate, as well from Biram master Mamane Barka, who is the last of his kind to play this instrument. We’ll also check out some desert blues guitar from Bombino’s latest album “Deran.” And we'll hear some amazing music out Haiti from RAM

French Stuff:
Heading back to the late 60s, early 70, we’ll check out some fun French pop music by Elsa and Adamo, but then propel forward to more recent music from Arthur H., and We Are Enfant Terrible.

Land O’ Ska:
From 2-Tone tracks by the Specials AKA to classic Ska by the Untouchables and John Holt, we’ll cover almost everything this sub-genre of Reggae has to offer. Add in the Rocksteady revival music from the Frightnrs, and some Reggae from Ziggy Marley, Peter Tosh and UB40 and the circle will be complete.

Cover Me:
I always enjoy throwing in some cover tunes and this week will be no different. We’ll hear a cover of U2’s “Desire,” as well as a Morrissey cover of his song “International Playboy,” done by the Mexican Morrissey cover band Mexrrissey. I’ll round it out with a cover of the Ramones “I Want to Be Sedated” by Nouvelle Vague.

Random Shuffle:
In this box, we’ll hear some new music from Brazil’s Kassin and Domenico Lancelotti. And I’ll put in some new music from the Kuwait/Louisiana hybrid band Kuwiasiana. Then for good measure I’m kicking in some Elvis Costello and some Talking Heads.

That about wraps it up. Hope you can tune into the World Music Show Saturday at 8:00 p.m. on either 93.1 or 107.3FM WCVE Music or stream it via this website. Just for fun, follow the show on Twitter @wcveworldmusic and on Facebook at The World Music Show on WCVE.