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Celebrating the Letter "L" & Other Things

At first glance of the title for this week’s world famous blog (ok, that’s a stretch, and it’s only in my mind), you’d think that I work at a PBS affiliated station. Well, I do and in fact our address is on Sesame Street. So, with that in mind, on this week’s World Music Show (8/26), part of theme will be to celebrate the famed letter L.

But before I divulge just what format we’ll throw confetti to with that letter, I’ll also let you in on the fact that we’ll also check out some new music from the band New Kingston. This trio of brothers mix their Jamaican roots with their New York City lives to come up a some really nice Reggae that’s tinged with the sounds of the city.

Another theme in this week’s show, in case you heard the 30-second spot on WCVE is that I’ll be playing some World Music tunes—something I pretty much do on many a show—but occasionally like to mix in a bit more, like how I do when putting raisins into oatmeal.

As for the letter L? Well, I came about this in a very simplistic way—as is my wont. When staring at my wall of CDs, trying to get a vibe of what I feel like stringing together for this week, I noticed that among the letter L (sure, many of my CDs are alphabetized—while, some are—well, that’s another story) there were a bunch of Latin discs that fall in that category. Sure, many of the bands we’ll hear in the first hour will start with “Los,” but still, I liked the challenge. It almost made me want to do a whole alphabetic show—which I think I’ve done before. And will do again, because I love challenges.

Anyhow, here’s some of the bands we’ll hear under the fabulous letter L:

Los Crema Paraiso: This trio is made up of members from other well-known bands, but they came together and still play together in fact, to play some very great Latin rock. And since these guys hit the mark double time (meaning both cover tune & the letter L), it’s a great way to start the show. I’ve played these two tracks before, but I love them so. We’ll hear their take on Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus,” which features the singer Carol C (who is from the New York Lounge/Techno band Si-Se) and on Tears for Fears “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” which features Argenis Brito.

Latin Playboys/Los Lobos: Why the double billing? Well, there’s the trick. The Latin Playboys feature two members of Los Lobos (David Hildago & Louie Perez) as well as two other finely crafted musicians (Mitchell Froom & Tchad Blake). Remember when bands would do side projects? Or set up mini-separate bands? Maybe they still do, but I’m out of the loop a bit. Either way, they set this up back in the early 90s to have some fun (really, they even used parts from cars, such as a manifold). The effort resulted in two CDs. Off their first one, we’ll hear two tracks, plus a song from the Los Lobos album Good Morning Aztlan. This band, by the way, have been around since the late 70s—they started out as a Punk band. I know this because I’m reading a great biography of LA Punk written by the great John Doe of X. It’s called “Under the Big Black Sun.”

Little Jesus: This band, who just put out a new CD called Rio Salvaje,” have an alternative sound akin to Cafe Tacbva in that it’s experimental and very rockin’. Plus, they’ve won numerous Indie awards for their efforts.

Other notables in this “L” Lovefest include: Locos Por Juana, whose sound leans toward Caribbean; Los Agaus Agaus, who describe their sound as Jungle Reggae; and Los Hacheros, who are a pumped up salsa band out of New York—think big sound, big horns and big fun.

Another unmentioned theme until now—and it’s a regular one, either subliminally or maybe habitually, are some—well, many tracks from some great compilations.

Luaka Bop: This label, founded by David Byrne, culls together (for years and years) so many great songs that anyone who wants to sample World Music or add some to their collection, need to get some CDs. Off one called Twenty First Century/Twenty First Year we’ll hear a bunch of tracks, including some by  Jorge BenLos Amigos Invisibles, Nouvelle Vague (doing an awesome Blondie cover) and the legendary Tom Ze.

Six Degrees: Like the above, this label has been putting together some really great music. Their collections range from travel CDs (as in African Travels), to one of covers (Backspin) to one celebrating their good fortune. Off of a few of these, we’ll hear some fun covers from Midival Punditz, as well as some other great cuts, including some from Michael Franti & Spearhead, Issa Bagayogo, and Mabi Thobejane.

Not to be Missed: I hate leaving musicians out. What if you’re actually reading this and think “Aw, there’s nothing here for me”? But then what if you see that I’ll also be featuring some classic Bob Marley, as well some Ziggy Marley (on a duo with Heavy D) and a cover of a Beatles song done Reggae style? Wouldn’t you be sad? I’m sure you would. And, if you stick around until the end, you’ll hear two fun cover tunes—one of a Creedence Clearwater song, the other of a Eurythmics song. See? It’s good to stick around.

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