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Call it Euphoria

I’ve got the best feeling. It’s almost euphoric. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s falls pretty low in terms of overall importance. Here it is: the World Music Show (5/19) is current! Yep, it’s true. That’s the reason I’m giddy. Or a tad giddy (you don’t want to be too giddy).

Let me explain. In the early years of the World Music Show, it was hard for me to get new music. Record labels and musicians didn’t “know” me yet. So, I had to rely on my small, but sort of deep CD collection, the library and a few good music lovers in order to put together the two-hour show. And whenever I’d read the world music news blogs and such, I’d always get a tad frustrated (you don't want to get too frustrated) that I wasn’t playing the latest music for everyone.

Now, years later, I guess the show is finally on the map. This means that I’m able to pass along current and even unreleased music. So, yes, I’m giddy.

With that, on this week’s World Music Show, we’ll continue excavating all the new music that’s come across my digital stream or that has physically been dropped on our desk by Harvey the mail boy. (*note, there is no such boy).

We’ll hear from the steller new release by the Tuareg guitarist Bombino. On “Deran,” he continues to dive deep into the desert blues sound, delivering more sweeping, beautiful soundscapes of joy. He recorded the new CD in Casablanca at the studios of current Moroccan King Mohammed VI and he sings (Bombino, not the King) in his native language of Tamasheq. It’s also Bombino’s first time making an album in Africa in nearly a decade. He says, “My mission for this album was always to get closer to Africa.” Bombino’s list of collaborators and admirers is almost as vast as the desert in Agadez, Niger where he was born. Musicians from Stevie Wonder to Keith Richards love Bombino.

So what you get with mix beats from Kuwait with the soul and big band sounds from Louisiana? You get a band called Kuwaisiana. This seven-piece band, led by Kuwaiti born +Aziz, takes the boldness of the New Orleans and blends it nicely with worldly beats. +Aziz was born in Kuwait but spent much of life also in Louisiana and New York.

For a twist on the new, we’ll actually go back in time to hear from a new re-release by the legendary sitar master Ravi Shankar. Back in 1997, he put out an album of sitar music based on sanskrit and other religious text. Besides getting help from some great musicians, the album was produced by his longtime friend George Harrison.

Other newness/goodness to pay attention to include new tracks from Femi Kuti, Kiran Ahluwalia, Hector Coco Barez and a newly remixed track by the great all female Latin band Ladama. Their song “Porro Macatu” was recently remixed with the help of legendary producer/musician Toy Selectah (Cafe Tacbva, Mexican Institute of Sound).

If you want some new powerful AfroFunk/Afrobeat then you’ll really like the band Brownout’s cover of Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power.” I’m throwing this into a chunk of other great covers from Monica da Silva (Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wildside”), Gaby Moreno (Blondie’s “Call Me”), and a new cover of the Talking Head’s “Once in a Lifetime,” done by Angelique Kidjo--no stranger to doing excellent covers.

Want more newness? Good--because we’ll also hear two new tracks from both Domenico and Kassin. Normally these Brazilian musicians/producers work together and with Moreno Veloso (as “+2”) but they’ve both have new solo works out. And both are really, really good. And we’ll also go bury our ears into the latest from Ziggy Marley, who just released “Rise to Rebellion.”

Mixed in throughout the show will be more great music, but you’ll have to tune in for it all so you can get giddy too The World Music Show airs Saturday nights from 8:00-10:00 p.m. on the Community Ideas Stations, 88.9FM, 107.3 and 93.1. *However, program note: starting with the June 2 second show, you’ll only be able to hear the show on WCVE Music 107.3 & 93.1 or online via this website. You can also get tracks listings here too.

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