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Backpedaling on Summer O’Fun

You could say I like to throw out some crazy headlines. On this week’s World Music Show (7/21) it’s no different. But there’s a point to this week’s one. Let me explain.

On last week’s World Music Show, in which I attempted to help those (like myself) were battling any summertime blues, there seemed to be a big ol’ computer glitch. Either that or I was torturing those who wanted to hear The Specials “Ghost Town,” on an endless loop. Luckily, I was able to correct the problem and finish hour two of the show. So the backpedaling is that on this week’s show, I’m going to throw out more summer O’ Fun music in hopes of mending any sour feelings.

In the fun basket for hour one, we’ll hear from DJ/Producer Nickodemus. He’s a globe trotter who DJ’s all over the place and also puts out CDs of his creations. On his latest, “A Long Engagement,” his collected some unique beats.

His beats will lead us to a new track by the Afro-Cuban Allstars, a classic track by the trio Tribalistas (which features, among others Marisa Monte and percussionist master Carlinhos Brown).

Other fun bits include new music from Chancha Via Circuito. This is the code name for the Buenos Aires musician Pedro Canale, who has a way of rethinking Cumbia music. In his basket o’ fun, we’ll also hear from Seu Jorge and Almaz, and the sweet voice and guitar work of Alex Cuba.


Rounding out the rest of the hour will be some really wonderful songs by former Tijuana punk rocker Ceci Bastida, Latin rockstar Ana Tijoux, Brazilian legend Domenico Lancelotti, and futurist Juana Molina. Plus, we’ll hear a new track by Indian musician Kiran Ahluwalia.

For the flipside in hour two, we’ll continue the global shenanigans by mixing in some loosely based summer songs, as well some new music. But it’s a small dip back in time that’s going to kick it off.

We’ll hear “1986” by the Mexican Institute of Sound, which like Chancha Via Circuito is one person. Camilo Lara is a musician and producer who has a lot of great musician friends in Los Angeles. We’ll hear that track off his CD “Compass.”

For the fresh new smells of global sounds, we’ll check out a track from the Cypriot band Monsieur Doumani called “Drinking and Kissing.” And we’ll hear another stellar cut from the new CD “Kin Sonic” by the Congolese musician Jupiter and his band Okwess. Ending the show (but not this blog), we’ll hear a new song from RAM 7, which is a band out of Haiti and which is just truly amazing.

In a twist of dorkiness, I’ve thrown together a whole set of bands with the word “the” in their title. We’ll hear from The Atomic Bomb Band, who play the music of Afrobeat/Highlife musician William Oneybear; The Eternal Getdown, which I just remembered is actually the name of the band Quetzal, who are out of L.A. (don’t hold this one against me). And we’ll also hear from The Turbans.

And what do the Beastie Boys and The Beatles have in common? Well, they’ll appear back-to-back in a set rounding out this week’s show. That’s fun, right?

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