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The World Music Show

A Musical Travelogue

On this week’s World Music Show (10/1), we’ll create a travelogue of musical souvenirs, with highlights in alternative Portuguese tunes, as well as some Rock-n-Roll tracks out of Russia. Plus, we’ll hear a melding of African & Brazilian music, as well as some groovy Gypsy songs.

One People/One World

Sometimes all plans go awry. On this week’s World Music Show (3/16) the original line-up was going to kick off with the appropriate focus on St. Patrick’s Day theme--without overblowing it. You know, just some sprinkles of some good Irish music that perhaps you haven’t heard of.

Beautiful Duets & Odd Pairings

What are some of your favorite duets? Is it Donny & Marie? Captain & Tennnille? Or maybe I should be more current and world-music-like. So maybe it’s Ali Farka Toure and Toumani Diabate? If it’s more toward the latter (not that anything’s wrong with the former) then this week’s World Music Show (2/23) is for you.


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