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The World Music Show

A Musical Travelogue

On this week’s World Music Show (10/1), we’ll create a travelogue of musical souvenirs, with highlights in alternative Portuguese tunes, as well as some Rock-n-Roll tracks out of Russia. Plus, we’ll hear a melding of African & Brazilian music, as well as some groovy Gypsy songs.

Wheel O' Fun Makes a Comeback!

It’s going to be a little bit of this and a little bit of that on the World Music Show this week (1/19). On what seems to be a semi-regular basis, I pull out the Wheel O’ Fun, an Elvis Costello rip-off or homage really, in order to say I have no theme. And I’m sure this ok, as perhaps only a handful of folks pay attention to the themes I pull out of thin air sometimes as if by magic.

But rest assured, even without a theme, the main gift will be some great world beats, which may actually be clumped together in some sort of coherent thread.

Let's All Hide Under the Covers!

We’re barely into the new year and already I want to hide under the covers. Fortunately, the covers I’m talking about are World Music cover songs. So for this week’s World Music Show (1/12) we’ll get the opportunity to do just that. And, added to this theme, I’ll mix in some specific tunes that reference the 80s (as in the 1980s). It’ll be a beautiful mash-up.


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