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Shemekia Copeland (at the Richmond Folk Festival) and More Siegel-Schwall!

We hope you will join us this week (10/3/15) on Time for the Blues as Henry and I are joining in with Richmond’s biggest musical event of the year! We’ve got some great music lined up that’s going to rock the late night hours.

Every year at this time Richmond throws a wang dang doodle and invites thousands of its closest friends to drop by. This year the Richmond Folk Festival is pulling out all the stops with some amazing performers taking to several different stages to bring a large variety of music, dance, and native arts to the River City.

This year, one of the big names is Alligator recording artist Shemekia Copeland. We have featured her before as well as her late father Johnny Copeland, but it’s been a while and since she has a great new album, "Outskirts Of Love" out now that’s generating a lot of buzz in the blues world, we figured this was a great time to feature her again.

Don’t forget that 88.9 FM, WCVE will once again be bringing you the Richmond Folk Festival and that will include Copeland’s performance slated to start at 8:45 on Friday, October 9. She’ll also be performing at 6:15 on Saturday, October 10 but that will be after our broadcast window of the festival.

So listen in this Saturday night and get a sample of what’s to come!

But now we’ve got more for you. Henry found a couple of very cool albums from the Siegel-Schwall Band. Henry went into detail about their history in our last blog (check it out here), but briefly, this band was one of the driving forces in the Chicago resurgence back in the 1960’s who went their separate ways. They reunited in 1987 for a live radio concert that Alligator released in '88 and then reunited again in the studio 17 years later for "Flash Forward." We’ll feature selections from both, but you better believe we’re on the lookout for their early works and plan to do a retrospective later.

There’s still more for you to enjoy. Our pal Andy Poxon teamed up with Kevin McKendree on a new album, "Must Be Crazy!" and we featured one selection last week, so get ready for another one this time. We both enjoyed this CD and hope to bring you some more shortly.

Plus, there’s a hot track from Laura Tate, a very talented Jazz/Blues singer who has recently completed a CD featuring works from West Coast producer/songwriter Mel Harker.

Then there’s music from Guy Davis from his CD "Kokomo Kid." If you’re not familiar with this artist, you’ll want to check him out. And just for fun, we’ve got a local band with a great name – Dismal Swamp Lords.

So take a nap if you have to, just do whatever it takes to join us Saturday night at 11:00 for all sorts of great music and even more bad jokes. We’ve got a seat lined up for you, so bring your friends and join the fun!