WCVE Music Host George Maida Passes Away | Community Idea Stations


WCVE Music Host George Maida Passes Away


On Saturday December 30 at noon the Community Idea Stations will hold a memorial service in George's honor at the station, located at 

23 Sesame Street, Richmond, VA 23235

We welcome members of thepublic, and there will be a reception following.


On December 23, George Maida host of The Electric Croude and Classical Evenings unexpectedly passed away in a tragic accident. Details: http://wtvr.com/2017/12/23/george-maida-obit/

Our hearts go out to his family, friends and listeners as we come together as a station to mourn our friend and colleague. Below is a message from our CEO and President Curtis Monk:

George was a good man and a personal friend. He loved the station and he loved this company. The Electric Croude was his idea and he had developed a loyal and consistent audience.

George and I had a special relationship forged during pledge drives. He actually enjoyed my songs and we laughed, smiled, and he egged me on with suggestion after suggestion.

As we have all learned in various ways, life has a way of dealing the cards in unexpected, unpredictable, and decidedly unplanned ways. The loss of a colleague and friend triggers a grieving process that must be traveled and each individual must travel that path as is best for them. For some, it will take more time than others. There is no prescribed set of seconds, minutes, hours, days, or weeks for the process but time is a great healer and, at some point, the memories of a life well lived replace the short term loss of a physical presence.

Remember him with respect and honor him with laughter, music, and a toast to life.