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Performing Artists Set For The Electric Croude 30th Anniversary Concert

What came first...the artists or the proverbial egg? A bit of humor navigating the great musical talent pool that will populate the 30th Anniversary Concert for The Electric Croude coming up on November 17th.

In 1987, I had my first international interview with the legendary Gabriel Yacoub of the iconic French band--Malicorne. That was a lot of fun--eventually though--I wanted to explore the local folk connections here. Responsible for meeting a number of musicians at our upcoming concert was the group VOCAL (Virginia Organization of Composers and Lyricists). Through VOCAL, I met musical wunderkind Matthew Costello. He had asked me to judge a songwriter competition many moons ago. Eventually Matthew appeared on the very first recording of The Electric Croude Band as keyboardist. My late great friend Richard White was also a member of VOCAL--I had the honor of producing his debut disc. From Richard, I met and became friends with Kevin Beale--another incredibly talented musician in percussion and bass.

And so it goes as they say. From VOCAL, I also became associated with more would be friends such as Steve Fisher (Tin Can Fish Band) who introduced me to Doug Austin. One link led to another. I eventually met Chris Lucas in person--who I remember from my days at WRFK-FM. And that led to knowing Laura Ann Singh from Quatro na Bossa.

Musical wildcards have their own mojo. I’ve been a fan of Stephen Christoff for years and never knew until a year or two ago he listened to the Croude. Finally we met and had a great time in the studio from an invitation for International Guitar Month every April.

Music is open ended, as is the way I meet talent. I never imagined meeting Martin Vincent from PA. My intro to Marty came into being when I bought an amp from him on eBay. We soon realized we were both gear-heads to the max--and--had a lot of other mutual interests. And the beat goes on. Not only matching me up with great amps and guitar, I learned Marty was a talented songwriter.

This is just a short backstory as to how I became connected to these artists that will be sharing their musical talents live on November 17th.

I still have a love and lament for variety shows that once were and now have been. In addition to the music, this celebration will feature two other talents and personal friends--stand-up comedy from John Porter (Time for the Blues co-host) and my good friend Angel Limb (Artsline producer), putting the icing on the cake with poetic readings.

So come ye all to the concert of the season! Tickets are only $10: Reserve yours in advance or pay at the door.

Donations of food are also being collected for the nonprofit FeedMore. Everyone who brings in a nonperishable food item will be entered into a special prize drawing.