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The Electric Croude 30th Anniversary Concert Highlights

It was a grand night at our facilities here on November 17, 2015. We had our 30th year anniversary concert for The Electric Croude. And this week on the show (1/16), you can enjoy highlights from some of the most talented musicians around.

Held in our large TV Studio A, it was the end result of months of planning--hiring the best sound company, co-ordinating performers--all sorts of behind-the-scene logistics that make a presentation seem effortless.

I am most proud of the fact our musical friends selflessly donated their time and energy in the most gracious of spirits. They are all gigging musicians and could have been elsewhere earning good money in the busiest of seasons. Instead this great pool of talent took root that night with equally great attitude and a monster level of talent.

Having access to so many great musicians made it even more difficult to select a lineup. Then in a magical moment you suddenly know the right choices were made... Stephen Cristoff, Pamela McCarthy, Martin Vincent & Michael Parniak from PA, Laura Ann Singh & Chris Lucas, Matthew Costello, Kevin Beale, Tin Can Fish Band, and The Electric Croude Bande’s newest lead singer, 88.9 WCVE’s very own Bianca Bryan.

This concert also marked the largest formation of The Electric Croude Bande--Bianca/vox, Kevin Beale/percussion & fretless bass, Matthew Costello/keyboards, Chris Lucas/classical and acoustic guitar, Doug Austin/fiddle, Stephen Christoff/saw & trombone, yours truly/electric guitar. I had waited since 1993 to present my original song “Sights Longing.” With no rehearsal except for soundcheck, it came off matching my musical vision. And that’s a great testimony to the talent in the Bande, all in all--two originals by TECB.

A wonderful spectrum of musical genres filled our studios (with video taping by Brooke Saunders)--from Baroque, Americana, Christian pop, Novelty, Alternative, English Balladry, and more.

Check out these photos from a great night of music and friendship.

If you weren’t able to attend or simply want to bask in great music again, I invite you to tune in this Saturday night (1/16) at 10:00 p.m. EST on 88.9 WCVE or listen via our online stream. Follow along on my Facebook pages as well--Geo Maida and The Electric Croude.