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Time to Decompress

I’m not sure about you but I could sure use a musical break after this week’s topsy-turvy news cycle. Added to this, was for many, back-to-school and the end of summer goings-on. Phew! So wouldn’t it be nice to unwind with a couple of hours of fantastic world music? I think so. That’s why on this week’s World Music Show (9/8), I’ll attempt to whisk you away with travels to places such as Cuba, Brazil, France and Uganda. Mixed within and without these, will be some new music from a variety of folks.

Amazing Sounds Afoot

Sometimes I come across some pretty amazing things when I’m culling together tracks for the World Music Show. From musicians who have unique stories or have invented new ways to deliver their messages to well loved musicians who have decided to dip their guitar picks into the vast well of World Music.

A New Groove

I’m going to steal that CD title from the good folks at the Putumayo record label to tell the story of this week’s World Music Show (8/25). Because even though their CD is from way back in 2007; and even though I’ll be featuring some songs off it, the title fits nicely as the moniker for the show. As you can most likely guess, we’ll be going back in time a bit to hear some “new grooves,” but we’ll also be checking out some new, new grooves. So for me, it’s the best of many worlds.

Jefferson Baroque Performs Live on WCVE

Jefferson Baroque is a period instrument ensemble based right here in Richmond. They will present a concert “The Variety of Vivaldi” this Friday evening, August 24th at 7:00 p.m. at Saint Benedict Catholic Church. The performance will feature music by Antonio Vivaldi, sonatas for winds and strings, vocal arias and duets, and an organ solo arranged by Johann Sebastian Bach.


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