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New Release: Dream Album

Pianist Stephen Hough has released a new recording “Dream Album” on the Hyperion label. Stephen proceeds “dream-like through a free association of fleeting musical thoughts.” The recording offers many short works by dozens of composers, himself included. They all bear some personal meaning for him...favorite encores, pieces from childhood, works written for friends, etc. Stephen states “Dreaming--isn’t this what we do when we listen to any kind of music? We suspend the reality of our ordinary lives, we long for spells to be cast, for phantoms to be grasped, to enter a state of ecstasy.”

  1. Stephen Hough: Radetsky Waltz
    Stephen Hough, piano
  2. Stephen Hough: Niccolo's Waltz
    Stephen Hough, piano
  3. Eric Coates: By the sleepy lagoon
    Stephen Hough, piano