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"To Brahms, With Love" from Cellist Amit Peled

Cellist Amit Peled has released a new recording on the legendary Pablo Casals' 1733 Goffriller cello, on loan to Amit at the choosing of Casals widow, Ms. Marta Casals-Istomin. The album features the two iconic cello sonatas by Johannes Brahms, with Noreen Polera at the piano.

“To Brahms, with Love” is particularly special to Peled because of his connection to the history of the cello and Casals himself. Casals passed away in 1973, and Peled was born that same year. Peled studied with Bernard Greenhouse, one of Casals' most famous students. He states, “This is nothing short of a dream come true. I am humbled and honored to record my favorite composer's cello sonatas - two of the most beautiful ever written - on an instrument that shaped the voice of the cello in the 20th century.”

I hope you enjoy my talk with Amit Peled about the new album.

Listen to Peled’s additional thoughts on each of the Brahms sonatas:

To hear sound clips from this release, listen here.

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