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Head in the Sand

Ah vacation. What a great time to tune out, or tune in perhaps. On this week’s World Music Show (8/18), I’m continuing my thread from last week of vacation-tinged report. But this edition won’t be filled with beach-beats or wave-inspired tunes. On the other hand, it’ll be crafted with some great Latin tunes of from many corners of this huge genre. And it’ll be dotted with some gems of Afrobeat, some Dutch music and some classic Ska.

Now if you want to dig your head in the sand to get a better sense of what I’ll be playing, then get your shovel ready.

Vacation Mode

One of the good things about vacation is that you can kind of put things on hold. However, on this week’s World Music Show (8/11) even though I’ll be on a vacation, the show will be fresh and new (well, sort of).


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