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Last Year’s Winner Shares 5 Reasons to Enter the Masterpiece Raffle


A year later, Nancy Kackley can still remember the moment she won the Masterpiece and More Tour. “I was surfing the internet at my desk when I got a phone call from Sharon Johnson. I was stunned into silence followed by disbelief. Then I got jittery, excited and had a strong desire to shout!” A lover of everything Masterpiece, Nancy couldn’t wait to see where all her favorite shows were filmed. Little did she know, her Masterpiece tour would lead to so much more!

Sharing the Adventure with A Friend
When you win the trip of a lifetime, you want someone to share it with! For Nancy, her twelve days of adventure were spent with her friend of 30 years, Jill Allen. “Jill likes most of the masterpiece shows, especially Downton Abbey. When she happily agreed to come with me, we set about binge-watching all the episodes of Doc Martin to prepare.”
Four Star Hotel Accommodations
One word comes to Nancy when describing the Masterpiece and More Tour accommodations: Posh. “In London, we stayed at the St. James Court, a Taj Hotel. It was very well-situated, just down the street from Buckingham Palace! In Bath we stayed at the Hilton Bath City and one night we stayed near Highclere Castle in a very nice Doubletree hotel. In Padstow, we stayed for four nights at the Metropole, a lovely historic hotel, where we had a third floor room overlooking the harbor. That was my favorite hotel. We enjoyed the teapots and biscuits (aka cookies) in every room. We had a little seating area where we made our morning tea and biscuits while listening to the gulls and the harbor sounds through our open windows. 
Stunning Location Tours
In 12 days, Nancy and Jill were astounded by Buckingham Palace, Blenheim Palace, Stonehenge, Highclere Castle, Downton Abbey’s Bampton Village, Charleston as seen in Poldark, Port Isaac and St. Nonna’s Church where Doc Martin and Louisa were married and Bath where many of the Jane Austen novels were set and the Masterpiece show was filmed. Nancy recalls, “seeing the same buildings, doorways and views as I’ve seen so many times on the shows was very special, Nancy said.. “It was like getting a behind-the-scenes tour of the show. Like you might run into Doc Martin, Louisa, Morwenna or Bert Large at any moment!”
A Traditional Cornish Cooking Lesson
“The pastry making class at Philleigh Way Cookery School was great fun,” said Nancy. “We made traditional Cornish pasties, with beef, potato and turnips inside.I’d like to make it again when I have time.” Cornish pasties weren’t the only treats Nancy and Jill enjoyed. “I loved the Deer Stalker (venison) pie at the Raven pub in Bath,” Nancy said. “It went very well with the local ale.”  
A Private Viewing of Downton Abbey and Poldark Costumes
“The Angel Fancy Dress tour was incredibly special,” said Nancy. “Standing on the balcony, looking over a portion of the 1 million costume items on 8 miles of hanging rails was fascinating on many levels. I saw the Downton Abbey dresses and uniforms and saw how they took a stock uniform and made it fit Robert Crawley, who is over 6”, by adding hidden sections on the pant legs under the uniform coat.
The raffle trip really did have everything Nancy had hoped for and more, but it was the relationships Nancy and Jill developed on their adventures that made their masterful. “We had a great group of tour guides and travel assistant from Sterling Silver Tours,” Nancy said. “On the first night, I didn’t know how we’d fit into this group, but it happened naturally. Our time was made special by spending time with some others on the tour. We shared food and had impromptu picnic dinners. We relaxed and shared life stories at depth. It was fun to see how the trip affected each person, pulling them into new experiences, and how the group bonded through shared experiences over the 12 days.” 
If you would like to experience the Masterpiece and More Tour for yourself, follow the link below to enter for your chance to win the adventure of a lifetime.