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Education reporter Megan Pauly and city hall reporter Roperto Roldan discuss Richmond Public Schools plans to rezone all schools...
Article by Kerry Mills, Director of Beyond the Classroom, Sabot at Stony Point  The writer Margaret Atwood...
This week, Lego announced plans to unveil customized bricks designed to help children who are blind or visually impaired learn to...

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Ready To Learn In Your Community: March Events

Tue, 02/26/2019 - 9:03am -- WCVE

Ready To Learn is out and about, in your community, on a regular basis. We work to share PBS KIDS resources with children and families in your community and engage them with fun and educational activities. Our events allow us to connect children more deeply to the PBS KIDS characters they know and trust, in order to more effectively educate them through our PBS KIDS programming and online resources.

Ready To Learn is Bringing PBS KIDS to the Market @25th

Ready To Learn is excited to announce its partnership with the Market @ 25th in the East End of Richmond.  The Market @ 25th is a community project that is anchored by a 25,000 square-foot full-service grocery store.  Surrounded by neighborhood staples like the East End Library and the Front Porch Café, the Market at 25th promises to be more than just a food store.  With major partners like VCU Health and PBS KIDS Ready To Learn, it will serve as a community connector for East End residents.