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Six years after 26 children and educators were killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut by a troubled 20 year...
Virginia's student population is getting more diverse; more than half aren't white. But the most recent statistics show...
One of the greatest fears of people facing dementia is the loss of independence, including what happens to their mobility if they...


For-profit Virginia College is closing its doors in Midlothian next week after losing accreditation. Some students are still waiting to receive updated transcripts.

WCVE Music

I think I’m detecting a theme here. When the holidays arrive, here comes a series of World Music Shows to help wash away some of the stress of the season. Consider it my gift to you.

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Lidia Celebrates America

Join Emmy and James Beard Award-winning chef Lidia Bastianich as she travels to the heartland of America, immersing herself in diverse cultures that provide inspiration for the holidays.

Science Matters

Historian Carolyn Roberts shares some hidden histories of African American medical practitioners during slavery.

How Do We Lower Plastic Pollution?

As the holiday shopping hits its peak we see...

What Does the New Federal Climate Report Say?

While some of us were out burning off those...

Genetic Causes Sought In Rare Infant Disease

Few parents will ever hear that their child...