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Planting “Summer” at Maymont

The cool weather kept the tulips blooming longer than usual, but as the saying goes, “all good things must come to an end.” Last week at Maymont, we marked that end by removing the spent tulips and pansies from the Italian Garden and replaced them with summer annual bedding plants.

Members of the horticulture staff design different garden spaces, which rotate between one another from year to year. This year the Italian Garden’s color palette is pink, blue, lavender and purple, framed by Rosa ‘Ginger’ and R. ‘Spartan’. The garden is going to be stunning with Eucalyptus, Scaveola, Callibrachoa, Lantana, Angelonia, Petchoa, Cartharanthus (vinca) and Impomoea ‘Tricolor’--providing color throughout the summer.

Staff and volunteers planted the bedding plants, then applied a slow release fertilizer and finally a layer of mulch. Before planting we augmented the beds with a thin coat of our homegrown compost to enrich the soil. Regular watering--via nature or a watering wand--will ensure the garden matures quickly for our guests to enjoy.