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Peggy's Top 5 Gardening Tips

On every episode of Virginia Home Grown, host Peggy Singlemann and co-host John Thompson answer viewer questions sent in through email, phone calls, and social media. Viewers love to ask how to start, maintain, and grow their garden. Here are Peggy's top five resources to help do just that!

Tune into a new episode of Virginia Home Grown April, 26 at 8 pm to see more gardening questions answered on the show.

Get to Know The New Host of Virginia Home Grown

The 16th season of Virginia Home Grown premieres Tuesday, March 29 with the show’s new host Peggy Singlemann. Peggy is joined by John Thompson, another familiar face to Virginia Home Grown fans from the show’s “Plant of the Month” segment. John works for Virginia Cooperative Extension in Fluvanna County serving as Extension Agent for Agricultural and Natural Resources. Both Peggy and John are experts in their field and bring valuable gardening tips and tricks to the series.


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