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Sally Hemings Descendants Visit New Exhibit: ‘We Knew Our Story Was Real’

For the past 25 years, Monticello has been gathering accounts from descendants of the people enslaved by Thomas Jefferson. Those stories, along with other restorations and a new exhibit on Sally Hemings, reveal a fuller story about slavery, freedom and the complicated history of the nation’s third president. WCVE’s Hawes Spencer has more for Virginia Currents.

History of Fashion Exhibit Highlights Craft, Creativity and Persistence of Virginia Women

A new exhibit at the Valentine museum explores more than a century of women’s fashion in Virginia. Behind the unique dresses, hats and accessories that shaped local and national trends, is a story of women who fought for equality, launched businesses and advanced women’s rights. WCVE’s Phil Lyles has more for Virginia Currents.


Richmond Teens Launch Start-Ups Through ‘Junior Founders’ Initiative

This Spring, a landscaping company, clothing lines and several other startups launched in Richmond, Virginia. The owners are teenagers who were guided by the Junior Founder’s Club. For Virginia Currents, WCVE’s Lauren Francis has more on the initiative and one business that combines sports and studying.