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Charlottesville Inside-Out: March/April

Mon, 03/24/2014 - 3:55pm -- WCVE

March 20: Renee Balfour & Art with a Mission | Month10 Postpartum Doula Work
We’ll talk with painter Renee Balfour, who is dedicated to providing opportunities and support through the arts to children in need. Then we’ll visit a group of postpartum doulas to learn about the importance of “mothering the mother.” CVIO #707
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March 27: AHIP | Charlottesville Jazz Society
We’ll catch up with a non-profit organization working hard to ensure that families in our community have safe homes. Then we’ll sit down with the founders of a local group dedicated to promoting and preserving jazz. CVIO #708
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April 3: The Story of Keswick Hall | Salvagewrights
We’ll learn about the history of an Albemarle County property that has been a part of our community -- through good times and bad -- for over 100 years. Then we’ll talk shop with an Orange County native who is passionate about architectural salvage. CVIO #709
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April 10: Virginia Cooperative Extension: Albemarle County/Charlottesville Office | The Senior Center
We’ll learn about the wide variety of programs and services offered by our local Cooperative Extension. Then we’ll stop by and visit a center that has been providing people ages 50 and better with exciting activities for over five decades. CVIO #710
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April 17: Virginia Craft Brewers Festival | Rockbridge Guitars
We’ll head over to Nelson County to catch up with brewmasters who gather from over 30 regional breweries to talk beer. Then we’ll strum a few chords with a small company that builds one-of-a- kind hand-crafted guitars for local and national musicians. CVIO #711
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April 24: Fall Fiber Festival & Montpelier Sheep Dog Trials | Greg Howard (Season 7 Finale)
We’ll check out a festival that’s been taking place in our community for over a quarter of a century involving sheep and dogs. Then we’ll sit in with a renowned musician and Chapman Stick master. CVIO #712
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