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Did you know that by simply eating oysters in certain restaurants in the central and eastern Virginia region, you become a...
Over the next few years, many television stations in the United States will make major technological changes that will be...
When we think about tough animals we think about great white sharks, grizzly bears, rhinos, or something along those lines, right...

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Question Your World: Is Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet Possible?

“Wonder Woman” is crushing it in theaters right now, but we don’t want to give away any spoilers, so let’s talk about some classic Wonder Woman stuff from her comic book career instead, specifically her invisible jet. Is Wonder Woman’s invisible jet possible right now? Listen to this Question Your World radio report produced by the Science Museum of Virginia to learn more.

Virginia Junior Academy of Science Gathers Great Minds and Communicators

Recently, the Virginia Junior Academy of Science (VJAS) Research Symposium took place at Virginia Commonwealth University.  For three days, eight hundred of Virginia's middle and high school students with a passion for science came together to share their research with their peers and to be judged by experts.