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Arbor Day activities teach kids about our need for trees. There’s a reason many people proudly refer to themselves as “tree...
Beer isn’t just a favorite way to wash down a plate of game-night chicken wings. It’s been a part of the human experience for at...
The practical uses for augmented reality — which superimposes digital information onto real world surroundings — seem endless....

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Question Your World: Why Have Recent Hurricanes Been So Strong?

This year’s hurricane season has been quite intense to say the least! Hurricane season is not even over and we've some big storms that have broken records, one after the other. Why have these recent hurricanes been so strong? Listen to this Question Your World radio report produced by the Science Museum of Virginia to find out.

Question Your World: What did Cassini do for Science?

On Friday, September 15th, NASA scientists celebrated a huge milestone in space exploration and also took some time to mourn the loss of an old friend, the Cassini spacecraft. This was one of the most talked about events on the internet that day, but why? What did Cassini do for science? Listen to this Question Your World radio report produced by the Science Museum of Virginia to find out.