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The World is Going to End - Again?

There are some folks that believe the world is going to end for a variety of reasons on December 21, 2012. Some think that a rogue planet will crash into the Earth while others are of the impression that a series of global natural disasters will bring our day-to-day business to a halt and usher in the end of times. These speculations make for exciting headlines, but make for pretty inaccurate scientific backings. There are a lot of scientists that would have had to be asleep on the job for quite some time to let all these various pending disasters go unnoticed. 

Rogue planets and giant asteroids? Well, those would have been spotted by the various space agencies around the world by now. Planets lining up to cause earthquakes and tornados and giant floods? Excellent movie material, but just not possible when you factor physics into the equation (plus the planets are NOT lining up in the first place). Lastly, the sun’s revenge on Earth? We’ve been watching the sun and it just does not seem like those mega hot particles are able to reach us with the exception of the warmth and light we already get, not this week at least.

Humanity’s been making many predictions throughout the years so it's no surprise that we're hearing about another one right now. The Mayan Calendar ending does not trigger these reactions in the universe. In fact your calendar on your wall will end at some point as well and likely has many years in the past. Does that mean the world is going to end? No, it just means it’s time for a new calendar!

So, there’s no need to panic or stop giving away personal possessions! Well, except for some old calendars!

“So why won’t asteroids, rouge planets, global disasters, massive sun storms, or universal alignments happen on December 21?”

Article by Prabir Mehta, Science Museum of Virginia

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