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Science Pub RVA: Science Fiction or Science Fact

Is truth sometimes stranger than science fiction? If so, how is that possible? Material science is the study of stuff -- what it’s made of, how it works, and what we can do with it. Advances in material science continue to push us into territory where it seems we are “making fiction possible”. Join us at the next Science Pub RVA event on November 12th here at the Community Idea Stations, 23 Sesame Street, Richmond, VA. Eat, drink, mingle and explore Science Fact and Science Fiction with Karla M. Mossi, Ph.D.

Inspired by NOVA’s “Making Stuff” television series airing on PBS this fall, Science Pub RVA’s next gathering is all about material science. Our featured scientist and speaker will be Karla M. Mossi, Ph.D. and associate professor and director of graduate studies, Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, VCU’s School of Engineering. Dr. Mossi will explore some iconic science fiction technologies and how they have become part of our current world or soon may be because of advances in nanotechnology. 

As with all Science Pub RVA gatherings, this is an informal event and absolutely no background in science is expected. At this special evening at the Community Idea Stations we will have several extra elements for everyone to enjoy prior to Dr. Mossi’s talk. 

During the mingling hour from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m., connect with graduate students from VCU’s Smart Materials Lab and explore their mini demonstrations. See HackRVA’s 3-D printer in action, and touch and learn about some locally made materials from Cupron and Dupont. Have fun in the “science photo booth” - the station’s Green Screen in studio A. Several Food Trucks will be on hand for eats and a cash bar will be at the ready should you wish to absorb an adult beverage.

Watch this video highlight from the November 12, 2013 Science Pub RVA “Science Fact or Science Fiction” event hosted at the Community Idea Stations and learn a little more about Science Pub RVA.

Science Matters, an educational initiative of The Community Idea Stations, is pleased to be hosting this special Science Pub RVA gathering which is open to 200 adults. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. and Dr. Mossi takes the floor at 7:00 p.m. Q & A will follow. Please be sure to register at Eventbrite to reserve your space. And please don’t forget that cash is required for the Food Trucks and Cash Bar (no plastic.)

What is Science Pub RVA?
Science Pub RVA is an independent, citizen-led endeavor and part of NOVA Science Café’s network promoted by the long-running PBS program NOVA. Learn more about Science Pub RVA here or email

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