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Science Pub RVA: Manufacturing Movement

Fascinating things happen at NASA Langley Research Center but it’s not always about space. Continuing with the theme of innovation, this month’s December 4th Science Pub RVA gathering is about making stuff for the aeronautical industry. Specifically how things are fabricated there via 3D printing and what goes into the creation of dynamically-scaled models for testing. 

NASA and the aerospace industry were early explorers of alternative fabrication technologies and early adopters of 3D printing (aka ‘additive manufacturing’) in testing aircraft and spacecraft design. Now, 3D printing is a key part of the aerospace industry.

In everyday language, go hear about what’s involved in “making stuff” from a hands-on technician at NASA Langley Research Center. As with all Science Pub RVA gatherings, this is an informal event and absolutely no background in science or engineering is expected. But, registration is requested and recommended, as sometimes they fill up. 

Who is Chris Savage? Chris Savage is a Mechanical Engineering Technician in the Advanced Fabrication Processes Section of the Engineering Directorate of NASA Langley Research Center. He works closely with engineers and researchers in the aerospace industry to create accurate and affordable models that are used for testing as well as replacement parts. Savage has also machined various metal parts for many NASA projects; including several that flew such as PA-1, Ares-1X, and STORRM. Lately he’s been specializing in additive manufacturing (a.k.a. 3-d printing for industry).

Where is this month’s Science Pub RVA? In the casual atmosphere of The Camel at 1621 West Broad St.  Richmond, VA 23220 on Wednesday, December 4. People unfamiliar with the neighborhood should be cheered to know that free parking is available without hassle in the Lowes parking lot directly across the street from The Camel.

What is Science Pub RVA? An independent, citizen-led endeavor connecting curious citizens and creative scientists. Science Pub RVA is part of NOVA Science Café’s network promoted by the long-running PBS program NOVA. To learn more about Science Pub RVA, visit their website or email

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