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Science Pub RVA and "What Research Reveals About Why We Vote"

Have you ever wondered why people do or don't vote?  A lot of political scientists certainly have.  And what is even more intriguing are the methods they use to uncover the answers to the question.  Join other curious minds at Science Pub RVA on October 2nd to discuss the topic of voting and explore your own motivations.

Dr. Ernest B. McGowen, Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Richmond will talk about research on this decision-making process and its implications on our electoral discourse and our political representation. Join the discussion and explore how your own motivations are reflected in recent studies.  You may be surprised to find out what research says about the links between your behavior and your political preferences.

This month's gathering starts at 7:00 p.m. (or come at 6:00 for food and friends) Tuesday, October 2nd at The Camel, 1621 West Broad Street.  Since seating is limited, please register at EventbriteScience Pub RVA's motto is "come and absorb something."  Come with your questions, your curiosity, and come to talk over the topic with an interesting group of people.

Science Pub RVA is an inspiration of NOVA, the iconic, long-running PBS program that covers science, and NOVA Science Cafés have spread worldwide. Richmonder Cynthia Gibbs is the Coordinator and the spark plug for Science Pub RVA.

If you would like to know more or have questions, contact Cynthia Gibbs via Science Pub RVA's Facebook page.

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