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Science of Professional Athlete Training

How about a little science mixed into our Washington Redskins training this summer? Learn more about the science of training professional athletes with former Washington Redskins Strength and Conditioning Coach, Tony Spinosa and Jane Jakubczak, former Washington Redskins Dietician on Wednesday, August 14th, 12:00 p.m. at the Science Museum of Virginia. Bring your lunch or buy it at the museum. This “Lunch Break Science” lecture is free.

Tony Spinosa, currently the Health Fitness National Defense University Director, will offer practical, productive and safe information for us to apply to our own conditioning and training programs - with a special emphasis on football. 

Spinosa will discuss:

  • the pillars of human movement
  • the different planes the human body moves in
  • various operational conditions that influence these movements such as gravity, momentum and inertia
  • and the components of football fitness - strength, balance, agility, flexibility and mobility

Jane Jakubczak is a certified sports dietician who has worked with elite athletes of all ages, sports and genders. She will discuss the nutritional science behind food as a performance and recovery tool.  

For more information go to the Science Museum of Virginia’s Lunch Break Science listing.

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