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NASA + Mattel = Mars Explorer Barbie

NASA has teamed up with a lot of people in the past. So, this new collaborative project should come as no surprise. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has teamed up with the toy maker to bring yet another Barbie into this world. Mars Explorer Barbie is part of the “I Can Be” Barbie doll series by which they hope to inspire young girls to become more interested in science based careers. This new doll actually won ‘Career of the Year’ in 2013. Sure, what in the world is possibly going to even come close to exploring Mars as a career? Next year’s Stressed Accountant Barbie’s career award will pale in comparison to the astronaut version of the popular doll.  

This project is pretty cool because the ultimate goal is to get young women interested in space exploration. After all, those are new frontiers yet to be explored and these young girls are just the right age to start thinking about a potential future among the cosmos. All the good intentions aside, hearing about the Mars Explorer Barbie certainly brings to mind a few interesting thoughts…some silly ones.

Barbie’s outfit is pink, which may clash a bit with the red planet, but we can let that slide. The only major issue with her outfit is the lack of gloves. Barbie must be used to having her way here on Earth, but on Mars she will be subject to all the foreign air pressure that the red planet has to offer. Without protective gear her exposed skin would become quite the problem. The gases in her blood would boil out and then all those manicures will have gone to waste! Her entire outfit actually needs to have special fabric to keep harmful cosmic rays from hurting her body. A visor would be a nice touch here as well, keeps people from seeing your face, but allows you the ability to use your face later in life.

…meanwhile back in Malibu, Ken is learning how to cope with this now-long-distance relationship. It took MSL (Mars Science Laboratory) about 9 months to get from Earth to Mars, so Barbie’s going to be gone for a while. Will Ken be faithful?

For more information on Barbie and her space exploits: Huffington Post Barbie Goes To Mars.

Article and video by Prabir Mehta, My Glasses Rule

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