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Big Picture Science Joins Saturday Lineup On WCVE 88.9 HD2

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 1:24pm -- WCVE

The world has changed since enterprising hominids chipped stones to use as tools. Today’s scientific and technological development moves faster than a speeding maglev train. If you’re curious about where innovation is headed and delight in the wonders of scientific discovery, tune your ears to Big Picture Science. Science radio doesn’t have to be dull.

In one hour, Big Picture Science connects ideas about the origins, the behavior, and the future of life – and technology – on Earth in surprising and playful ways. What came before the Big Bang? How does memory work? Will our descendants be human or machine? What’s the origin of humor? Big Picture Science ponders these questions daily… and expound on them weekly.

But wait! There’s more! Are you a doubting Thomas? Good. Join Big Picture Science as they separate science from pseudoscience – and facts from the phony – in Skeptic Check, their monthly episode devoted to critical thinking. Whether it’s astrology, Bigfoot, or just the incessant onslaught of dubious medical claims, they take it all on, wielding the skeptical tools of solid science.

Big Picture Science premieres this week, airing Saturday at 5:00 p.m. on WCVE 88.9 HD2. Listen here.