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Science and Engineering of the Winter Olympic Games

Over the course of the next two weeks, all eyes are on Sochi as the greatest athletes in the world compete for the ultimate goal in the world of sports: a gold Olympic medal. Even though all of these athletes have put in countless hours of hard work as well as possess incredible natural talent, they also need physics and engineering on their side in order to achieve the intense speeds, high jumps, and precise turns needed to compete at this level.

NBC Learn has partnered with the National Science Foundation to explore the science, engineering, and technology at the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Here are some excellent videos to explore:
Shaun White and Engineering the Halfpipe
The high speeds and intense tricks of the halfpipe snowboarding competition always draw big crowds and ratings, but have you ever wondered how these impressive feats are possible? Watch Here.

Physics of Figure Skating
While the skaters make it look effortless, ice skating is exceedingly difficult and requires the combination of lots of forces so skaters can execute all of their jumps, spins and lifts. Watch Here.

Be sure to check out NBC Learn for more free educational resources, videos and curriculum materials about the Science and Engineering of the Winter Olympics.

Article by: Margaret Carmel, an intern here at Science Matters. Margaret is a Virginia Commonwealth University student studying Broadcast Journalism, Middle Eastern Studies, International Social Justice, and Global Education.