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Enrichmond’s Earth Day Project Attempts to Break World Record

If all you need is love, then why not a lot of LOVE!?! Enrichmond’s next Earth Day Community Impact Project will collect 110,000 cans and turn them into the largest recyclable “LOVE” sculpture ever created. The Enrichmond Foundation has partnered with Hardywood Park Craft Brewery, River City Recycling, TFC Recycling, My Glasses Rule, and Virginia Commonwealth University to attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest recyclable structure made from aluminum cans. The effort will be unveiled on Saturday, April 26th during the Earth Day Richmond Festival in Shockoe.

Their record-breaking attempt will launch Thursday, March 6th from 6-9pm at Hardywood Brewery. Join the party and learn more about the effort, the 21st Earth Day Richmond Festival in Shockoe, listen to good music, enjoy Hardywood beer, and fun festivities. Cans will be collected at “Save the Cans” drop-off points throughout the city until April 26th.

Prabir Mehta, of My Glasses Rule explains why this recycling and art project is a great opportunity for Richmond:

We thought it would be fun to reinforce the importance of recycling and relate it to art at the same time.  This city is full of very passionate, artistic, fun, and supportive people.  Breaking the world record for the largest recyclable aluminum can structure seemed like something fun that we could accomplish with the whole city's help.  Will we be able to get enough cans to break the world record and bring yet another accolade to Richmond, VA? With the help of the awesome folks in the city we hope we...can.

Established in 1990, the Enrichmond Foundation is an umbrella non-profit organization that serves over 100+ volunteer, community-based special projects and initiatives in the City of Richmond. Their mission is to serve and support Richmond’s people, parks, and public spaces. Partners of Enrichmond include community and civic associations, outdoor enthusiast groups, trails and parks, garden and history groups, and other citizen-based groups whose primary interest is to maintain, restore, preserve, and improve Richmond’s most valued community assets. In 2013, the Enrichmond Foundation combined with the efforts of Partners and funds raised from special events, planted over 500 trees, sent 575 City of Richmond kids to Summer Camp; awarded 55 scholarships for summer activities; started 2 new parks, and repaired and expanded 2 running/biking trails.

Contact info@enrichmond.org or call 804.646.0954 for more information.

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