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Dinosaurs at the Science Museum of Virginia

Dinosaurs are back at the Science Museum of Virginia! Now until May 11, 2014 you will have the amazing opportunity to interact with a huge animatronic triceratops. Dinosaurs at the Science Museum of Virginia features a 9-foot tall, three-horned, plant-eating dinosaur that’s 21-feet long from its horns to the tip of its tail.

Catch the animatronic triceratops when no one else is nearby and you’ll find it quietly munching plants. When you get close enough for it to sense your movement, it will raise its head and make a small sound. When you wave your arms and move around, the triceratops increases its interaction, moving its head and tail and roaring. The more it senses your movement, the more the dinosaur reacts. Good thing it’s about ¾ the size of the original triceratops and not able to leave its space!

Now that you’re pumped about your amazing experience with the triceratops, explore what the life of a dinosaur was like in Be the Dinosaur. When you’ve unlocked the science of dinosaurs, find out what it was like to be one of these ancient creatures on a simulator where you, as a dinosaur, interact with artificially intelligent dinosaurs in the virtual world.

Dinosaurs at the Science Museum of Virginia is included with Museum admission. Tickets are $11 with $1 discounts for ages 4-12 and 60+.

For more information, visit, smv.org or call 804/864.1400.

Article by: Science Museum of Virginia

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