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Cheetah Cubs Steal Chesterfield Zoo Spotlight

Richmond’s newest wild felines made their film debut after their birth on Oct. 6 at the  Metro Richmond Zoo. Three male and two female cheetah cubs were born to first-time parents Lana and Kitu. While the cubs are too young to be moved to an enclosure visible to zoo-goers, Richmonders can still see the cheetah family in action with the help of the Cheetah Cam.

The live video feed is an exclusive partnership between the Richmond Times-Dispatch and the Metro Richmond Zoo to bring the public an inside peek of the cubs’ early life. The cam has drawn news coverage from places as far away as Germany and Brazil.

Owner and director of the zoo Jim Andelin said breeding cheetahs can be a challenge, and he hopes to repeat this success by continuing the zoo’s breeding program. The new cubs join nine adult cheetahs, bringing the population at the zoo to 14.

The Metro Richmond Zoo also features a safari tour, zookeeper talks and opportunities to feed animals such as llamas, goats and deer. Admission is $15.75 for adults and $10.75 for children. The zoo is open Monday - Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Article by Lauren N. Colie, Print/Online Journalism and English major at Virginia Commonwealth University. Lauren is Managing Editor of Auctus, VCU’s Undergraduate Research Journal, as well as a Lead Teaching Assistant for a research-writing course. She recently joined the Science Matters team as a special student correspondent.

Image: Richmond Times-Dispatch

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